May 15, 2013

Spring time with family Balovic

At the end of April, members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited a six-member family Balovic from Rogozna near Novi Pazar. The Balovic family moved into a new house, which SfS built and equiped from the donations worldwide. Due to the difficult whether conditions at the end of last year, we agreed with the artisans to finish building a water pump house and the pavement on spring. We also delivered money in the amount of 26.000 dinars (Serbian Brotherhood Help from Canada), which will be used for finishing the planned works.

On our way to Rogozna, we picked up artisan Ranko (builder of the house) and his brother Buda (plumber) in order to make a list of necesarry material for the water pump house, and for setting the pavement around the house.

The house and the children look clean and tidy. The oldest daughter Verica showed us what she learned at school. After socializing, we all went to see the water pump house, so that the artisans could see what they need else.

Verica, Veljko, Sara and Kristina thank of all their hearts to all of our donors who enabled them to have a new home, because that is exactily what marked their previous winter.

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