September 14, 2015

Spectacle on Kalemegdan!
On Sunday, September 6 in 19h the second “Trojka iz bloka” was held on Kalemegdan! More than 2.000 people attended the spectacle in the mere centre of Belgrade, 154 contestants applied for the competition in fast shooting three-pointers, and we collected 136.240 dinars and 20 EUR! Thanks everyone who were with us, who participated and by attending supported the central tournament in the best season of tournaments in open so far! The crowded grandstand of the Partizan basketball fields showed how citizens of Belgrade felt of the project “Trojka iz bloka” of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs: it is our child, which has grown so much in only four years, seen and helped people worldwide, and has become unique as a symbol of benevolence and sport in the best spirit of tradition of the Serbian people.

As the evening was falling down upon the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, the speakers beneath the Sahat-kula were playing the anthem of the Republic of Serbia in the performance of the young singing hope Andjela Tasic. “Trojka iz bloka” officially begun!
Andjela Tasic is opening the tournament performing the anthem “God of Justice”

The gathered crowd was first addressed by Milos Simovic on behalf of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and called it to applaud to the second tournament on the fortress, and afterwards he told the incredible and touching story about the life of the sport-charity project “Trojka iz bloka”. After the thunderous applause, the master took over the microphone – a popular singer Marko Bulat, who sent a short and clear message that the mare keeping of the tournament “Trojka iz bloka” was a great victory, and that the trophy for the most shots should go to the best.
Marko Bulat and Milos Simovic at the opening of the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”

At the very beginning of the tournament on basket no. 1 (and there were 4 of them) celebrities who came to support the second spectacle on Kalemegdan gathered and had shots at the basket: Nedeljko Jovanovic (handball player), Aleksandar Smiljanic (basketball player), volleyball players Aleksandar Atanasijevic, Neven Majstorovic and Nikola Rosic, former basketball player Jasmina Aleksandrov, Marko Bulat and stuntman Uros Certic who managed to come and join us despite his many duties.
Jasmina Aleksandrov and Uros Certic
Aleksandar Bata Atanasijevic and Neven Majstorovic

With much laughter and as much as five balls shot towards the basket, the first contestants appeared. The official DJ of “Trojka iz bloka” Sale L THCF was up to the task – the passers-by who were standing and listening to the music would eventually come to apply for the tournament while Bore and Stefan from THC La Familija were wholeheartedly calling and cheering them.
Stefan Gligorijevic, THC La Familija, demonstrating skill with the ball

The magic of “Trojka iz bloka” was complete when these boys started rapping their hits and shortly took over the field from the contestants – they were singing a song dedicated to our golden basketball players who are racking up victories on the European Championship! Many media broadcasted the wonderful picture, including the national broadcasting service RTS, Sport Network, Sputnjik, while was broadcasting the tournament live as well as last year, on which we use this opportunity to thank them.
Bosko Cirkovic Skabo, Beogradski Sindikat

The spectacle on Kalemegdan attracted great number of visitors, and Charity organization Serbs for Serbs tried to gave its best – the rich program lasted until late at night. Three-pointers and failures were taking turns, as well as performances.
The dancing studio Flaj came with two teams, and to the particular joy of the male audience, the girls in provocative red skirts and with basketball balls came out first and performed the dance on the level of the world players and majorettes. A great friend of the project “Trojka iz bloka” Bosko Cirkovic Skabo from the group Beogradski Sindikat sung several of his songs, while at the same time the boys from SVEBOR were on the lawn beneath the fortress showing what they know and practice by cherishing the tradition of the Serbian chivalrous fight. The boys from Kick box club Pobednik who support the project “Trojka iz bloka” whenever they can also had a demonstration of skill. Bore and Stefan dedicated their first sport anthem to those boys, and the audience on Kalemegdan had the opportunity to hear it live. Music and sport in incredible relation on the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”. Led by verses the diligent sportsmen were gaining wings and the applause from grandstand was showing to everyone passing by that the magic was there, among them.
Finalists of the tournament “Trojka iz bloka”

Charity organization Serbs for Serbs thanks its proud sponsors, donors and technical sponsors, as well as media and celebrities who have supported and are still supporting the tournament “Trojka iz bloka” all these years. Special thank for the tournament on Kalemegdan goes to the Basketball club Partizan for ceded fields, as well the Basketball Association of Serbia and JP Kalemegdanska tvrdjava for their selfless help and support in organization. While our boys are shooting three-pointers in Germany, we found the best shooters on the tournament and gave them the brightest medals. Nikola Pejovic with 22 points won the first place, Dusan Repajic with 20 points won the second place, while Nikola Tiosavljevic with 16 points won the third place. We congratulate everyone who was with us in the biggest day for our tournament! We presented “Trojka iz bloka” as befits! The best received the medals, Nikola Pejovic took the trophy and all of us received much more – the feeling while leaving the tournament, the feeling due to which one is coming back to the tournament, the feeling due to which one can hardly wait for the next – the help to our youngest fellow citizens! The children are our future, and we are doing all this for them! The children are the ones who are most numerous visitors on our tournaments and who felt the mission of “Trojka iz bloka”, and along with them, honestly and wholeheartedly, we all go!
Winners of the tournament Trojka iz bloka” on Kalemegdan

Some time before the end of the tournament, the lights on the fields were shut down. But it wasn’t due to some problems, on the contrary. The conditions were set for the performance of unique dancing group in Serbia UV Dance. The lights on the outfit with the dancing movements in the dark were effective – the children from grandstand rushed right after the performance to take a photo with the unusual dancing “aliens” who presented their magic. Prior to them, Fanky Boys Flaj from the dancing studio Fral performed something quite the opposite with the awning on the field reminded the fans of the street culture and rap on break dancers and won the sympathies with their stunts. The tournament on Kalemegdan was another in a row in which the friend of the project “Trojka iz bloka” Uncle Dzo presented its verses.

The song dedicated to the hero of the Serbian aviation Milenko Pavlovic was echoed. The tournament was coming to its end. The visitors could fresh up with the best pastas in the city on the stand of our proud sponsor, the chain of quick pastas Agi pasta Away, while the income was added to the fund raised on the tournament.
Become the part of “Trojka iz bloka”!

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