October 26, 2010

Stove Smederevac for Family Filipovic from Nis

Irina (4 months), Svetlana (8 yrs.), Mihailo(10 yrs.) Danica (13 yrs.), Djordje (18 yrs.), Mother Maria and father Srdjan Filipovic can finally relax a bit. This modest family,  live in town Nis, in an old house and in difficult conditions with only 20,000 dinars per month,this family received

from our organization stove "smederevac " because there stove was in condition of falling apart. With the help of God and the great efforts these family manage to cope with the difficult material conditions in which it is located.

The biggest problem for this family are old and worn-out things that are easy to break down, and because of low income this family is not able to fix these things. The current problem was stove "smederevac". That's why we decided to help them and buy a new stove. As parents say this was a big hit, now the temperature in the house is at a normal level, which is certainly the most important thing. ( in such a small area (27 squares) they live with five children. )

Stove ''Smederevac'' for Family Filipovic from Nis

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