October 15, 2016

Shukunda family got 200 chickens

The representatives of Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs delivered aid for seven-member family Shukunda from Vladimirovci village: 200 broilers chickens and 850 kg of poultry feed in total amount of 61.550 RSD. Nenad and Svetlana Shukunda are raising four children: Andjela (14), Stefania (11), Stevica (7) and Ognjen (5). Also, Nikola grandfather, who is an asthma sufferer, lives with them, helping them as much as he can. He takes care for children while parents are busy with season works.


The purpose of procurement of 200 broilers chickens is to enable Shukunda family to expand business and increase household budget in the future, with devoted work in a relatively short period of time on their small farm. http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/SukundAlibunar/s3.jpg The family lives in modesty and without debt, using the child benefit of 11,000 RSD and having certain problems. Except from moisture problem which should be solved urgently, there is also a need for another room, which would be a room for the girls and that would help normal family functioning.

We believe that this donation will help family to provide necessary funds to complete the expansion of the children's rooms and part of the house very soon, in order to provide their children better and nicer conditions for growing up. http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/SukundAlibunar/s4.jpg Uros Certic – A friend of our organization

http://www.srbizasrbe.org/wp-content/themes/szs-theme/images/Srbija/2016/SukundAlibunar/s5.jpg Group photo of the family Šukunda, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs and representatives of ''Trojka iz bloka'', sports and humanitarian project of our organization, which was held on July 10 in Banatski Karlovac. Its aim was collecting funds to help Shukunda family.

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