February 18, 2015

SfS visits the Mihajlovic family in Ugljevik

In mid-January, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the seven-member Mihajlovic family from Ugljevik (Republic of Srpska), who live in extremely sad and hard living conditions. The father, Nenad (45), works on the overhoul of the Power Plant, and after all loans are paid, the family is left with no more than 200 BAM for all their needs. The mother, Renata (36) is unfortunately very sick and has had 13 complicated operations so far. They have five children: the oldest, Nemanja (13) has frequent headaches and has fainted more than once due to hunger, Zeljana (8), who has a ventricular septal defect (a hole in the heart), six-year-old Jovana, who suffers from bronchitis and the twins, Dajana and Srdjan (4), who are frequently sick due to hard living conditions, and also have difficulties with speaking.



The organization has helped the family three times so far. The first time was in 2012 when we took part in the action of building them a house, which was started by the Nemanjici-Ticino organization, the second time as part of the Easter action of our organization in the Republic of Srpska, and in December 2014, in respond to the call of their fellow citizens, we provided them with a package of basic foodstuffs in the amount of 529.28 BAM. The situation required an urgent reaction considering the fact that, unfortunately, the family is often starving, and the children are often getting sick due to hunger and cold.


In January 2015, we organized another visit to the family with the aim of getting to know their needs better and the TV BN crew joined us, together with the priest Mico from Ugljevik and Ms Andja from Kolo Srpskih Sestara.

After meeting the family, it is impossible to stay indifferent to the effort and sacrifice which the oldest Nemanja makes for his siblings. Given the fact that his father is at work, and his mother often in the hospital, little Nemanja is often in charge of everything. All the candies or food he gets from his humane neighbours, Nemanja shares in five equal parts.

Food aid delivered to the Mihajlovic family in mid-December 2014

The house in which the Mihajlovic family lives is unfinished, so all of them live in one room. Due to a lack of beds, some of them sleep on the floor. The ground around the house wasn’t graded properly and is lower than the surrounding ground, so they have problems with water collecting around the house. This leads to the house had mould, and the children having colds and not being able to spend time outside.

Nemanja’s biggest wish is to have a room of his own, where he could study and do a drawing, which is his favourite hobby. Zeljana doesn’t have room to study in either, because there is no heating or furniture in other rooms.

Unfinished house and hard living conditions in which the youngest members of the Mihajlovic family live

Things they need are: beds, furniture for other rooms, a new wood-burning stove, a refrigerator, a washing machine and an electric stove, but also the basic foodstuffs and regular check-ups, which they can’t afford.

The plan of the organization is primarily to provide them with food and clothes for the children and the appliances which would improve the quality of their lives, and then to put insulation on their house in order to keep the warmth inside the house, and after that to fit out the rest of the rooms, where the children could spend time.

After the next visit, which is arranged to be very soon, we hope, in agreement with the family, to find a more permanent way of the family making a living on their own and in this way improve their living conditions.


This family really needs a lot and the situation requires immediate reaction - first of all, the solidarity of all of us to make contributions according to our possibilities, in order for this family not to live on the verge of existence any more. We call upon all people of good will to get involved in our Christmas action, but also companies to become more socially responsible. This way we can show our people, and especially the children, that they are not alone.

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