August 13, 2013

SfS Visits the Maslar Family

Members of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs were in the village of Bunar, near Jagodina, on July 21, visiting the Maslar family. There was a time when generations of a Serbian family all lived together. The Maslar family has continued this tradition as 33 of them all live under a single roof.

In an effort to keep all family members on their land and to provide more living space for the children, the Maslars have started construction of two additional homes nearby. They have progressed to the stage where both houses have been covered with roofs. To complete their projects to the point where they can move in, they need more lumber, material for the installation of bathrooms, and appliances.

Mother Dusanka and her four sons, along with their families, are the inhabitants of their current home. They live harmoniously, as their busy schedules leave little time for disagreements. The names of the family members are: Vidoje, Biljana and their children Jasna, Savo, Krstinja, Uros, Zorka, Mladen, Petar and Arsenije; Cedomir and Ratka and their children Radojko, Biljana, Gordana and Radovan; Dusan and Hana and their children Aksa, Rade, Aleksa, Jovana and Ognjen; the youngest brother Velibor and his wife Dragana have children Tanja, Zarko, Dragana, Milanka, Stanislava, Jagoda and Zeljko.

Everyday around the supper table, the Maslars schedule all the work that needs to be done the following day. Their day starts at 4:00 a.m. and finishes at 10:00 p.m. The women are busy with housework, while the men work the land. Most of the land is rented. They have cultivated over 100 hectares and they also tend to 60 cows and 50 goats. The children are all expected to chip in according to their abilities. Despite the long hours and hard work, the Maslar family barely manages to make ends meet.

Life is expensive and very challenging for the Maslars, but they never complain. Their main focus now is to complete the construction of the two homes. Serbs for Serbs always looks to lend a hand to hard working families struggling to get ahead. The Maslar family has been indentified as one we would like to help.  

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