February 20, 2015

SFS visits Pesic family from Pirot

Report: Serbs for Serbs Nis /EXP/
During January, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Nis visited the six-member Pesic family from Pirot. The family consists of the parents, Momcilo and Irena and their four children, Matija (9), Sergej (8), Doroteja (7) and Amelija (4). Due to Momcilo’s vein problems and the impossibility of getting a job, none of the parents is employed. Hence, being a very creative family wishing to provide better living conditions for their children, they started a family business called “Our little family craft workshop”, and by doing handicraft, primarily intended for children, they wish to improve their financial situation.

Talking to the family, we realized that they have two big problems, the first one being the poor condition of their two-story house. The house of the Pesic family is a two-story house and the second floor is fully functional. It is the example of the parents’ creativity in trying to provide a better childhood for their children, and most of the wooden things, like the boys’ beds, for example, were made by the father Momcilo himself, borrowing tools from his neighbor.  

The problem they faced at the beginning of September was caused by inadequately installed floors on the ground floor, as well as badly installed drain pipes in the kitchen. They noticed the holes in the living room floor made by stepping on the floor, which was made of softwood flooring strips with the linoleum covering the whole surface.

When they removed the linoleum, they saw that the flooring strips had been installed on the bare ground and had completely rotted due to ground moist, and at the same time had made mold on the walls, leading to their dilapidation. At the same time, they noticed that the kitchen sink drain had made the kitchen moldy, and being twenty years old, it did not take long before it rotted and became unusable. This situation led to three rooms on the ground floor being completely destroyed.

The second thing that is even more important for the Pesic family is the tools which they need to improve their business. Machines they are using now are worn out (two sewing machines), and the father, Momcilo would like to expand the business by woodworking, as he made his sons’ beds.

In agreement with the Pesic family, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs made a list of the things that would be most useful for the family, so they could improve their living conditions and thus find a way out of the unfortunate situation in which they are at the moment.

We call upon all people of good will to continue supporting the work of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS and in this way help and give joy to numerous children who really need help.


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