November 23, 2016

SFS visits a family of twelve

Another "Trojka iz bloka" of Kladovo, continued the tradition of sportsmanlike humanatarian spectacle in the city on Danube, where on the wings of last successful "help to family Nikolic" mission came the turn of helping the family of twelve Jovanovic-Jankovic. The representatives of the Humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs and organizers of Kladovo's Trojkas visited a family Jovanovic-Jankovic wich is consisted of mother Vesna, father Sladjan, and nine children: Sanja(24), Nikola(21), Mladen(17), Ivan(16), Stefan(14), Andjela(11), Milica(8), Darko(5) and the youngest Uros(4). The oldest member of this big family is grandma Djurdjica, who helps out the unemployed parents a lot with her expirience and working habits in their everyday problems.

 Youngest in the household - Darko, Uros, Milica and Andjela

Twelve member family lives from 11000 dinars of social help and grandmas minimum pension wich is 8000 dinars, but every month they have high running costs, wich are getting piled on top of the existing debt for electiricity and water that is 35000 dinars.

 Family house in the construction which is taking a long time

 Floor of the house in grey phase

It's a delicate situation in this brave family. House they live in started constraction long time ago and from a big idea, only the groundfloor is finished, but the second floor was never built completely. Today it means, that house has a big problem with walls and the celling wich need urgent smoothing and hitewashing.

 Revised boiler heating in the living room

 Bathroom with an old washing machine that no longer functions

Moisture that appeared in the house affects the quality of life, furniture, wardrobe and in the end, unfortunately, children. They miss the washing machine and stove, and their heating is based on wood and that's another battle that they're fighting during these winter days.

Father sometimes finds temporary jobs, and in their humble garden they have a pig and a rabit. They're processing a little garden, wich shows they're hardworking and that they want to work and live from it.

The biggest issues that exist in big families are conquered by harmony and work, and in this familylove, harmony and work maintain the house. Because of that wish to progress, they've asked us to get them pigs and chickens, with the greenhouse that would help them the most.

Also, they've pointed out that for the better functioning in the house, kitchen is necessary, aswell with some small and big scale construction work. Kladovs have shown us last year, that they can pull off a bigger project, and family Jovanovic-Jankovic is our new big mission!

We're calling out to all the good willed people to get involved and with donations help out with projects of Humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs, who's goal is to help socially jeopardized multiple children serbian families across the Balkans.

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