February 03, 2012

SfS visiting the Urošević family in Krnjača

On January 29th the members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited the Urošević family in the refugee camp Ivan Milutinović in Krnjača, in Belgrade. The family consists of the unemployed parents Uroš and Ana, and their children Milovan (22), Dušanka (19), Biserka (17), Desanka Vera (15) and Marko (10). The family fleed from Zadar in 1991 during the war in former Yugoslavia. We only visited the family this time, and agreed about the future help.
After the liturgy in the Church of St. Simeon Mirotočivi in New Belgrade, we went to visit the Urošević family. Although it was very cold, the father welcomed us in front of the barrack. We learned that they share the bathroom with another 40 persons. The conditions in the barrack are very bad, there is not enough hygiene, and that provokes the bacteria, infections and disease. The food in the camp is pretty bad, thus causing severe health problems to the members of the Urošević family.
The youngest member Marko has problems with orientation and sight, so someone must always escort him to the special school and back. He needs to change up to three city transportation lines, and since they don't have enough money for the tickets, they are forced to travel without paying the tickets. Although the control has understanding in most of the cases, there were cases in which they received a penalty. It would be humane if the Belgrade city and public transportation company could help families like these.
The Urošević family has no income, not even the child benefit due to the documentation problem, and their refugee status, despite the fact they have been in this camp since 1994. Both father and mother are incapacitated, and they use the sticks to walk. The father was wounded in a war, and suffered a car accident. Because of that, he has rods in his legs, and he walks with difficulty. The parents hope that they could find people of good will who could monthly provide some financial help to their family, and enable them to have groceries and hygiene to strengthen their health and immunity.
Apart from the direct financial help, the family Urošević needs a refrigerator, small stove, groceries, hygiene, linen, blankets... Our organization will try to provide the things we mentioned. As far as the financial aid, we call upon the friends and donors of our organization to contact us in order to connect them with the Urošević family.
We will finish the report with the verse of the famous poet Njegoš, cited by Uroš, a retired philosophy professor, when we entered his home:
„Who understands, as if he had helped“.
With faith in God,
Darko Lojaničić
Stefan Ječmenica

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