March 05, 2012

SfS visiting the Rajičić family

On Friday, 24th of February 2012, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the family Rajičić from Smederevo. The family consists of the single mother Maja and the children Aleksandar (13), Jovana (11), Uroš (9) and anđela (6). Maja is in seventh month of pregnancy. The family needs the construction material to build another two rooms and a bathroom.
The house in which they live is made of the stacked blocs and they have a styrofoam to protect them from the cold. They live in 15m2, without the bathroom, kitchen or even water. Their material situation perhaps wouldn't be so difficult if Maja hadn't lost her job in 2008 for the firm Milan Blagojević. Her income today is consisting of the social help (11.000 dinars), child benefit (10.000 dinars) and the alimony (6.000 dinars). That is not enough for this family. What they need the most right now is the building of another room or two, and a bathroom. Maja told us that the officials from the municipality promised 100.000 dinars, but it doesn't look as if they are going to help.
The family could use a closet, because they don't have enough place for the things, and after the building of a room, a stove, refrigerator, beds and other household appliances.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will try to provide help for this family, and we call upon all the people of good will and the state institutions not to turn their heads away.
Blažo Janjušević

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