September 23, 2011

SfS visiting the Kesar family

Report: Friends from Prijedor, Republic of Serbska /BILLS/

On Monday, 12th of September 2011, we delivered help for the second time to the Kesar familly from the village Jutrogošte near Prijedor. We conducted the first action of helping this family in June this year, when we delivered a larger quantity of groceries.

We brought a washing machine during this visit, as we agreed with mother Zorica, because the old one was broken. Four of the youngest Kesars are going to school in Prijedor and Knežica, and they travel by bus. However, the closest bus station is 2 km away, and they need to go on foot through the forest.
On autumn and winter they need to carry two pairs of wardrobe, because they get muddy until they get to the road. The monthly tickets for the bus are still representing the biggest expense. They cost 56 KM, and the Kesar family needs four of them.

They asked for help from the Prijedor municipality, and they expect to receive a positive answer, in order to make their life easier. We bought some groceries for them again. We bought 4 sacks of flour, 5 litres of oil, 10 packages of pasta and 2 packages of cookies. We spent 563,15 KM, including 435 KM for the washing machine and 128,15 for the groceries.
The family wanted to thank to the friends of the organization.

With the faith in God we move on!
The friends from Prijedor

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