August 28, 2012

SfS visiting the families in the Raška area

On Saturday, August 18, the representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited families Balović and Kostić in the Raška area, on the mountain Rogozna. Our representatives met the workers who are building the Balović house, and made sure that the sixth phase of the works – setting the windows and doors, roof material, renderingand painting – for which we paid 1,805 EUR, is being successfully realized. We also paid for the costs of the engagement of the workers in the amount of 975 EUR. Thanks to our branch from the USA and the friends from Canada, the Balović children received the soccer ball, toys, barbies, sweets, school backpack and school equipment.
After the liturgy in the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, where we spent the night, we went to Rogozna and visited the family Balović. The workers were setting the doors and windows. The rendering will soon be over, and we agreed to build the chimney, setting the gutters and floor. They built the road to the well from wich they will pump the water. The asphalt needs to be cut in order to get the water. Although we have the permission to do that, but we are still searching the machine which is necesarry to cut the asphalt.
The children are very happy about the building of the house. They already made an agreement about sharing of the rooms, and we made sure that the house in which they live now is being ruined. After the agreement with the workers, and playing with the children, we visited the family Kostić which is nearby.
We wanted to build a bathroom for the family Kostić, but the house is in a bad condition, so the workers advised us not to commence that project. Therefore, it still remains unknown how to help this family. They lost their cattle because of the wolfs in the amount of 2,000 EUR. Father Rade is trying to provide everything his family needs, but he is also helping others – he donated a lamb to the family Balović when the ground of the house is being set.
Large families in the Raška area are having difficult times, many of them need help, but we hope that people will answer to our appeals and join the actions of help in order to provide more beautiful childhood and more quality life.
No surrender!

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