February 20, 2015

SfS visiting Nikolic family in Prijedor

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska /ATV – VIDEO REPORT/
On Sunday, February 8, members of the Charity organization SERBS FOR SERBS visited the six-member Nikolic family from Prijedor. We learned about the Nikolic family from the brotherhood of the Klisina Monastery, who introduced us to them, and after the Sunday liturgy we headed for the Nikolic family home. The Nikolic family consists of the parents, Danko and Snezana and their four children: Ognjen (12), Andrea (6), Marina (3) and Ratko, the youngest (1). During the visit, we saw that this is a very hard working and cheerful family.

Father Danko with his daughters, Marina and Andrea

The father of the family, Danko is from the village of Rakelici near Prijedor, and the mother, Snezana from Mladenovac. They met when Snezana came to Prijedor to visit her cousin; they fell in love and decided to start their life together. They try to raise their children in the spirit of Orthodoxy and they regularly attend the Sunday liturgy. As they themselves say, the children are their biggest God given blessing, and God willing, there will be more. The oldest one, Ognjen is the only one going to school for now, and he is an excellent student, and in the fall, his sister, Andrea will join him.

The Nikolic family lives in their apartment in a housing development in Prijedor. They took a loan to buy the apartment and they have 14 years more to pay it off. The father of the family, Danko is employed and works on technical inspection, and beside Danko’s salary, the family receives child benefit. Although they don’t live on the verge of existence, after they pay the installment and utilities, and buy basic groceries, they are not left with much, so some things have to be put on hold. When asked about potential aid, they said that they had moved into an empty apartment and had had to manage for appliances and furniture. They got many things from their friends and family, but since their apartment is very small and the furniture is not custom made, they often lack space. They say that they would like to get two double-deck beds so they could make two separate rooms for boys and girls, and in the following period we are going to try to enable that.

Youngest member of the family, Rastko in his mom’s arms

Once again, we have to give praise to the Nikolic family, because it is truly a real jewel nowadays and also a perfect example of what a Serbian family should look like and how it should function if we do not want the low birth rate to erase us from the geographical and historical map.

Also, we call upon all people of good will to support the work of the organization Serbs for Serbs in the way they can and give support to numerous families in need.


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