November 08, 2013

SfS visiting family Todorovic

Members and friends of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited on Sunday, October 27, family Todorovic from the village Vodice near Smederevska Palanka. We have helped the family several times before, and on this occasion, we provided a water pump in the amount of 71,823 dinars. We also brought minor gifts for the children, and in return, we received a beautiful thanksgiving picture dedicated to the organization and the donors worldwide.

We visited the family Todorovic for the first time in October last year, on the initiative of our friend Nemanja Devic. After that, the family progressed, and the most important thing is that they restored their hopes.

Up to now, we provided two double decker beds and a refrigerator, material for the isolation of the house, equipment for the bathroom, sheet metal upon the hallway and the bathroom to stop leaking, a cow and now a water pump. Our aim was to first enable the family to live in decent conditions, and then to support them in the struggle to work and produce on their own.

We are particulary pleased with the fact that the parents Ratko and Zemka put a lot of effort in raising their children despite the poor conditions in which they live. All children go to school, and they are good pupils. Ratko has a lot of ideas to improve the longterm position of his family. Since our last visit, they bought a goat, a sheep with two lambs.

Ratko built a barn on his own. Unfortunately, grandmother Dobrila recently died. A nine-year old Jovan has a heart condition, and he has already been through 17 operations, and he will have to take another one.

We call upon all the people of good will to continue with their donations, in order to support the actions of our organization.  

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