September 07, 2016

SfS visiting family Krstic from Boljevac

In early August, right after the Trojka iz bloka was held in Boljevac, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the Boljevac family Krstic living in difficult conditions, burdened by accidents in the recent past. Father Dragan (55 years) recently suffered a severe stroke, and shortly after the family lost grandfather Vukasin, the father of Dragan’s wife Suzana, who was a pillar of the family. Since Suzana is taking care of her husband 24 hours a day because he is unable to take care of himself after a stroke, and since the two of them are staying alone for some time in Aleksinac on an old farm of Dragan’s parents, all the care of their children was taken by Suzana’s mother, grandma Nada, who is keeping and raising their four children: Stefan (25), Danica (23), Dimitrije (13) and Djordje (10).


We found the family Krstic in a very difficult situation: they live from grandma Nada’s retirement, and the remaining profits in their house comes from granddaughter Danica who is employed and grandson Stefan who is engaged in occasional seasonal jobs. Apart from trying to earn money, Stefan and Danica are students of the Faculty of Mining in Bor. Despite the difficult situation the family is trying to regularly settle all accounts. All children are modest, hardworking and well-bred, and the youngest Dimitrije and Djordje are excellent pupils. They live in a home of modest interior, but the family Krstic is maintaining their living space to be remarkably clean and tidy.

The ground floor has a bathroom, a room comprising the kitchen, dining room and living room and where mother and father sleep when they come, which is very rare. Upstairs there is a room that is designated for the bathroom, with unplastered walls and three rooms. In one of them the grandmother is sleeping with younger grandchildren on a French sofa, in the second the older brother and sister are on two apart beds, and the third serves them for storage. The youngest ones don’t sleep in it, because in the winter they have big problems with the heating of the house, especially on the floor because the house has no insulation, and they use an old stove which is located on the ground floor and a wood-burning stove located in the room for older children to heat themselves.

They manage to obtain firewood because the oldest son goes into the forest and help others to cut wood, so he gets paid in firewood. During the winter they spend up to 40 cubic meters of wood. Both heaters are in poor condition and worn out. They have no room for a greenhouse or arable land. They have a small pigsty with two pigs, which could possibly sustain another pig. They breed chickens seasonally, and also have seven turkeys. Space for poultry is also modest. They do not have enough money to buy food for poultry and therefore cannot have more poultry. Electrical appliances and white goods are quite old (used electric stove, refridgerator about 40 years old).

Possible forms of assistance are:
- Insulation of the upper floor of the house, which would overcome the problem with the heating and the children would be able to use all the rooms on the upper floor (young ones to move from grandmother’s room into a room with bunk beds or to move in with the older brother, and the sister could get her room);
- Providing the central heating (the desire of the family);
- Purchase of household and electrical appliances;
- Purchase of a pig, poultry and poultry feed.

We call upon all the people of good will to join and contribute in order to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the aim of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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