October 01, 2012

SfS visiting family Jovanović

The representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited on Sunday, September 16, family Jovanović from Sremska Kamenica – a single mother Vesna and her five children: Jelena (1995), Marina (1997), Branislava (2002) and twins Marko and Miloš (2003). The family lives in bad conditions – the house is ruined, and it has plenty of holes and cracks, because it is built on a landslide. Despite the problems, the children are good pupils, and mother Vesna is tutoring and doing her best to afford everything the children need for a happy childhood.
The monthly income is about 30,000 dinars, and that is not enough for their needs. The house is in a bad condition, and it requires constant investments. The children go to school, and they need the books, school supplies, wardrobe and footwear.
Our organization will look into this case, and make a decision of possible help. Until then, we can tell the members of the family Jovanović that they are not alone, that they shouldn't give up, and to endure in the everyday struggle for survival.

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