January 09, 2013

SfS visiting families in Belgrade

Report: Vesna Brkic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILL/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited on Sunday, December 16, two families in Belgrade, family Markovic from Zemun and family Radosavljevic from Borca. In each of the family there are five children. The organization used the opportunity to deliver a package of groceries in the amount of 5,227 dinars to family Markovic. The visit to the Radosavljevic family aimed at getting to know the conditions under which they live, in order to help the family.
Family Markovic from Zemun lives in extremely difficult conditions. The walls of the house are moist, and the family barely manages to meet its needs. Parents Nikoleta (37) and Mirko (40) are unemployed, and their only income consists of the child benefit in the amount of 10.000 dinars. Children Petar (18), Deni (15), who has cerebral palsy, Danijel (13), Danijela (12) and Teodora (6) don't have enough conditions for going to school and having a normal childhood. However, rugby club Partizan enabled the children to train, and they have won several medals, although their parents cannot provide the money for the trainings.
The family is renting an apartment in Zemun. The owner of the house is not charging them the rent, but they will have to leave the house at the spring. Until three years ago, Mirko was working, but he had an accident on his job. He was a victim of the robbery, during which he received hard injuries. Among other things, his hearing was damaged, which made him almost incapable of work. He also has a diabetes, but he doesn't have sufficient money for the therapy. Nicoleta also can't find a job. They don't have the computer, although the oldest son attends the Polytehnic school, and he needs a computer.
The second family we visited has five minor children – Natasa (9), who is attending special school for the children with damaged hearing, Slavisa (9), an adopted son of the family, Bogdan (6), and twins Arsenije and Mladen (2). Family Radosavljevic also lives in a rented apartment, and their income comes from a small workshop which is placed in their house. Maja (42) and Branko (47) are hard working and creative people who are producing souvenirs and embroidery on flags, towels etc. Their firm, apart from the child benefit in the amount od 8,900 dinars, brings income. They have a lot of ideas, but not enough means to realize them.
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