December 02, 2016

SfS Visited the Nenadic family from Grahovo

Representatives from the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Belgrade visited the five members of the Nenadic family from the municipality of Crni Lug, part of Bosnian Grahova. Members of the family include: father Cedo (50), veteran of the Republic of Serbia army, his wife Sanja (30), and their kids Nikola (13), Djordje (10), Ruzica (8). After the war and complete change in the demographic picture of Bosnian Krajina, life through great anguish is getting back to normal. Cedo did not want to abandon his ancestral home, even though it was apparent to everyone that Serbs had lost the war in Krajina and that many difficult years were to follow.

Very few people have returned to Krajina. Of the people who have returned, most of them are elderly and retired, Cedo is one of the rare ones who returned not that young in age, but young in his heart. In 2003, he came back to his home, married his wife who is 20 years younger than him and since then God has blessed their marriage with three children. In conversation with the Nenadic’s in their backyard. Current condition of the unfinished Nenadic house in Crni Lug

Cedo says that the first time he smiled after the war was when his first child Nikola was born. The family lives in their home that has electricity, running water, and a bathroom. Money for subsistence  and maintaining the household are the Nenadic’s biggest struggle. The five of them live on only 130 KM ($65 USD) a year from a pension which Cedo receives because of his participation in the war, but every month they have expenses of about 50 KM ($25 USD) for electricity as well as the children’s school lunches.

The Nenadic family fight for tomorrow to be better- they have a farm of their own with about 100 sheep, one cow and two calves. Because of their hard work and effort invested in their farm, they have not inquired about more, besides the help that will support their treasure. They are in need of extending the capacity of their stable about 20-30 cubic meters, so that they can increase the amount of sheep they have to sell and with that improve their financial status.

Cedo’s wish is to have a new chainsaw and tractor. The tractor they use now is from 1983 and it is not in the best condition. It is also necessary for them to complete the insulation on their home, fix their leaky roof, updating their kitchen, buying a new stove as well as beds and dressers for the kids.

No one in the family is employed, but no one is sick either. The kids go to school and their parents make every effort to make sure they aren't missing anything. All three kids, along with other neighborhood kids travel twenty kilometers to school in Grahova and twenty kilometers home. Their neighbors organized to carpool the kids because they all realize that in this Serbian part the biggest treasure is their kids. They are their only hope for the future.

With a bigger stable, the Nenadic’s would be able to obtain more sheep and sell them to already demanding customers. Any help for the Nenadic family would truly be an investment in them and their hard work so they could make a better future for themselves.

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