June 03, 2016

SfS visited Strajnic family from Kac

In the course of May, to the request of workers from the Center for Social work Novi Sad, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the Strajnic family from Kac. The family consists of the mother Gordana, and her children: Stefan (12), Jelena (14), Jovana (16), and Dusan (18). Up until recently Zora (22) also lived with them, but she got married. Gordana is the single mother of five. Her husband passed away last year after a short illness. Her trouble is big and only Gordana knows how she deals with it, receiving only 15,000 Dinars of welfare.

Strajnic family in their home

Trouble never comes alone - apart from the father’s illness, the family lives in very poor conditions. Their electricity has been cut off due to debt which is not big, but it has mounted up due to interests. Their house has never had water supply, and they pump the water from a well. Problems do not end there – a part of their house has collapsed, especially the back part, where there used to be a stable and was moist all the time.

Jelena, Jovana, and Stefan with their mother Gordana

Good people from Novi Sad and socially responsible companies showed how humane they are at the “Trojka iz Bloka” tournament held on May 28, 2016, and raised 247,520 Dinars for the Strajnic family. This is enough to build the bathroom, but we should not build the bathroom and wait for the rest of the house to collapse on the heads of Strajnic family members.

Strajnic family house in which they currently live

We need YOUR help! Apart from building the bathroom and supplying the house with water, the back part of the house should be knocked down and a new gable built to prevent further collapsing. Also, windows should be replaced, two rooms should be reconstructed (screed, laminate, plasterwork…) and they need new furniture, since theirs is unusable.

Serbs for Serbs with Strajnics in front of their home

There is not enough time for all the things listed, because winter is the deadline after which there will be nothing left to reconstruct. PLEASE SUPPORT US! Let us help Stefan, Jelena, Jovana and Dusan see happier days with their mother in their home.

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