July 26, 2016

SfS visited Nikolic family from Vrnjacka Banja

At the beginning of July, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the Nikolic family from the village Stulac, near Vrnjacka Banja. Big tragedy befell the family at the end of May 2016, when right after the birth of the fourth child, the father Vasilije died in a car accident. Now the family consists of the single mother Mila, and her children: Nenad (17), Valentina (11), Stevan (3), and Marko (1 month old).


Youngest in the Nikolic family, little Marko is only 30 days old

The father had done all kinds of work to support his family, and now the family is in big trouble. The mother was recently forced to sell all farm animals they had had, because she cannot take care of the children and animals by herself. Currently their only regular income is child benefit. The school is 2.5 kilometers away, so the oldest son needs a bicycle. Apart from that, they need a wood burning stove, a wardrobe, an electric stove and a stroller.

Serbs for Serbs with Nikolic family

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