March 01, 2011

SFS visited Sudinac family

The story of the Sudimac family began in late 1990's, when the large family consisted of eight members. They lived on there estate in Podujevo and from the father's modest salary they lived peacefully . Then the war started, and for this family followed the difficult days. Fleeing from war Miodrag, father, and Milostiva, mother, along with six children moved into a dilapidated house near Kursumlija.

After few years both parents died, and life of this family become even more difficult. Brothers Sudimac live from social help around 5000 din monthly ($70). At this time they owe 30,000 din for Electricity.

For our first visit we spend 8304 dinars in order to buy basic groceries.  For the last few days this family barely survives. From fan group ''Delije Sever" they received the Orthodox and Serbian literature. This aspect of our help improves the current situation, we hope that we will together be able to find the best solution to provide the Sudimac family a calmer and happier future.


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