June 07, 2016

SfS visited family Samardzic from Nevesinje

During May, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the five-member family Samardzic from the village of Postoljani near Nevesinje in the Republic of Srpska. The members of the Samardzic family are single mother Zeljka, her sons Boza (25), Ilija (23), Lazar (19) and a daughter Jovana (14). The biggest problem of the family consists in the fact they live in an old, tenement house which is in bad shape from the roof to the earthen floor and doesn’t fulfill elementary conditions for living. Therefore, the family has started the building of the new house so they need carpentry and construction material the most for finishing the building of the new house.

Family Samardzic in front of the old house in which they currently live

The water supply system didn’t arrive in the place where family Samardzic lives, so they obtain water from the cistern. The oldest son is working for the army in Bileca, and the total income including his salary is approximately 430 EUR. They are paying monthly installments of 80 EUR for a loan which they took for buying part of the construction material. They have no additional help.

Very bad condition of the kitchen space in the house

Mother Zeljka is seriously ill while her husband died of illness. The Samardzic family lives in very bad conditions in the old house without the bathroom. There is no floor either, only soil.

Jovana Samardzic

Single mother Zeljka Samardzic with her children

Outdoor toilet beneath the old house

New house which should be equipped for life of family Samardzic

Current outlook of the interior of the new house

In order for family Samardzic to move into the new house it is necessary to set the windows, door, floor, plaster the interior and equip the toilet. The electricity and water installations have already being set. It takes approximately 5,000 EUR for the works and material.

Family Samardzic in front of the new house

We call upon all the people of good will to get involved and donate in order to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the aim of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout the Balkan.

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