May 21, 2016

SfS visited family Nikolic from Obrenovac

At the end of April, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited the seven-member family Nikolic from the village of Poljane, Obrenovac municipality. We planned to help family Nikolic in the scope of the charity-sport tournaments “Trojka iz bloka” which would take place during this year. The family consists of father Zlatko, mother Sanja and the children Dusan (14), Andrijana (9), Teodora (5), Pavle (4) and Mladen (2).

The house in which family Nikolic lives

The house in which family Nikolic lives is a donation from the people of good will who donated the house at the beginning of this year. Parents Zlatko and Sanja are not employed and the family is receiving the social care in the amount of 11,000 RSD and child benefit in the amount of 10,000 RSD.

The spot on the house in which we plan to set the door and build a bathroom

Father Zlatko is working for a wage occasionally in order to contribute to the humble family budget. The greatest problem for the Nikolic family is a lack of bathroom in the house and we plan to build a bathroom in the place of the tin shack which will be of greatest usage for the youngest ones. 

The Nikolic family has a great desire to engage in farming, to be precise in hog raising because they can start small production in their 10 ares of land.

Parents with children Pavle, Teodora, Andrijana, Dusan and Mladen

We call upon all the people of good will to get involved and donate in order to help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs with the aim of helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.

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