January 27, 2011

SfS visited family Matić in Novi Sad

After visiting the Republic of Srpska, the representative of the charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Swizerland visited the ten-member family Matić in Novi Sad. The members of the family are the single mother Jadranka and her children Milena (26), Milorad (24), Đorđe (22), Milica (17), Miloš (16), Dragana (14), Snežana (14), Predrag (14) and Verica (11).

The family has an income of 8.400 dinars (just over 80 EUR) which Jadranka earns as an employee of Clinical center in Priština.

The monthly expences for the rent and utilities are 220 EUR, so it’s not difficult to conclude that this family from Knin is having a hard time to survive. It is worth mentioning that Jadranka’s first husband died defending the Serbian people in Srpska Krajina.

When we visited the family, not all the children were at home. We could only talk to Đorđe, who is a quiet boy. He is prepared to work anywhere, as long as he is being paid, because he had had bad experiences. Đorđe and Milorad were both employed in a firm that provides security, but they weren’t registered nor paid, so they left the firm.

Milena is the only employed member of the family, but she lives and works in Montenegro as a waitress, and manages only to earn for rent and food. After talking to Jadranka we went to the mall and bought the necessarry groceries – flour, oil, sugar and milk in the amount of 7.200 dinars, because they only had some flour, and they wouldn’t be able to buy bread.

We said goodbuy to the family, and promised not to forget them.

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