May 05, 2016

SfS visited family Lazic near Ugljevik
After the pedagogue of the elementary school “Nikola Tesla” in Pilica, Ugljevik municipality addressed us for help, representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska visited the eight-member familyLazic. Five out of six children from the Lazic family are attending this school. Radomir (1976) and his wife Snezana (1981) have six children: Dobrila (2001), Daliborka (2003), Mira (2004), Ratko (2006), Ranka (2008) and Svijetlana (2011). They live in the Gornja Krcina village, 27 km away from Ugljevik.

They live in an old-fashioned family house. The roof is in a very bad state (leaking in several places), and they have four functional rooms – bed room, kitchen, living room and a toilet. The sister from Switzerland is supporting them and she bought them the furniture and carpentry on credit. Snezana’s sister is having health issues and she is currently in Ugljevik. She is frequently visiting them and helping them according to her possibilities but it is not enough. Five out of six children go to elementary school: Mira (6th grade), Ratko (4th grade), Ranka (2nd grade), Dobrila (9th grade) and Daliborka (7th grade). They travel on foot for several kilometers. It is going to be difficult to provide the further schooling due to financial problems because there is no high school nearby, and the closest is in Ugljevik which is 27 km away which makes it impossible to travel or pay the dormitory.
The oldest daughter Dobrila has epilepsy and she is not attending school for a long time. Parents Radomir and Snezana are not employed and Snezana wouldn’t have the time due to chores and the children. The only regular income consists of child benefit in the amount of 140 BAM. Radomir is struggling on various ways to provide the money for his children. He is working for a wage in the neighborhood, cutting woods, digging etc. He is capable of working and he is not refusing any job nor is ashamed to work but those are short-term jobs for a day or two and for small amounts although he appreciates money and is thankful to everyone who is calling him and giving him the chance to earn money.
Family household of Lazic family
Almost all the income family is making come from farming and animal husbandry
Apart from the social service and charity organizations which are visiting them frequently there is no greater help although the individuals have helped of which the Lazic family is immensely thankful. They have the pigsty near the house and two pigs inside which they are growing for the winter. They have a large farm in which they sow as much as they need but unfortunately they don’t have enough money for more. When we asked them about the help they needed they were shrugging their shoulders, while the children were quietly observing and listening to our conversation. They were not sure where to start with and they were shy.

They have no washing machine but they are carrying the laundry to the sister’s place in Donja Trnava, 5 km away from their house, nor the wood-burning stove because the old one is in very bad condition. Afterwards they expressed the wish to receive seeds and a tiller to farm the land. They had a cow until a few years ago. Radomir needs the chainsaw because he is working a lot in the wood (the existing one is in a bad condition). The horse with which Radomir could work around the house, in a wood and to earn could also be of great help. They need food and hygiene and of course, wardrobe for the children.

They are aware of the fact they can’t get everything but any help would be welcomed. The list of wishes is great but they were thankful for the visit of our organization itself because they are familiar with our charity work.
The youngest Svijetlana Lazic is leading us through her home

The family Lazic welcomed us nicely and within two hours they shared their troubles and problems, led us through the farm and told us the story of their lives. They are struggling a lot and children are great treasure which is keeping them happy and smiled despite all problems.

Ratko (2006) is not on the pictures because he hurt his head when he fell while he was playing with his sisters and he is recovering in a hospital in Ugljevik and coming out soon.

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