May 03, 2016

SfS visited family Cvijetic in Glamoc
Family Cvijetic is a returnee family living in the Glamoc municipality (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), in the Skucanevillage with 15 Serbian households. The village is located 10 km away from Glamoc (Glamoc is a small town with approximately 1,900 inhabitants). After the outbreak of the war in B&H, the Cvijetic family flew to Ugljevik where they lived until the August 2002 when they returned to Skucane. Like most of the returnees they didn’t find what they left in Skucane. The family was having a hard time during the refugee period as well as today.
Road to Glamoc
Current state of Glamoc after the difficult years of war, decline and oblivion
Serbian church in Glamoc dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles
Father Radovan with sons Ilija and Mileta in front of their household
The head of the family and the single father of nine children Radovan Cvijetic (1956) is currently living in his uncle’s house because he never succeeded in renovating his house which was impossible to live in when he returned in 2002. The oldest son is Ilija (1990), and then came Ilijana (1992), Mile (1993), Nikola (1995), Stojan (1997), Andjelka (1999), Marinko (2001), Dusan (2005) and Stoja (2008). Stojan is in third grade of high school (catering school), Marinko is in eight grade of elementary school, and Stoja is in second grade of elementary school and all of them are walking on foot for 10 km to their schools. Andjelka is living in Belgrade at her aunt’s place and she is the second grade of high school (technical school).

Home of family Cvijetic
The house has two floors, but one of them is not arranged and no one is living in it. The house has a living room and a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is still no water in the house, but the family is using the well in front of the house. They have 3 ha of land which they are farming. They grow potato in greatest quantity and wheat and barley in minor quantities.
Old Cvijetic family home in which they never moved in

The old house in which they never moved in is used for storing seeds and hay. They own an old tractor which is often broken although it is being constantly repaired. Despite the fact it is dilapidated it is still serving the household. They have some livestock: 8 cows, 16 sheep and 10 laying hens. They have no permanent income, not even the child benefit and no one is employed. They earn by selling milk and crops, but it is not sufficient for the 10 of them. Radovan’s wife died 4 years ago so the girls took over the chores. They don’t have enough money to go to school and after the four children who are still going to school have finished it they would work in the farm.
Tractor by which family Cvijetic is farming 3 ha of land
Nikola (1995) is currently in Mostar in a hospital having diagnosed with spinal cancer which has metastasized and he is receiving his third therapy. Nikola’s state is a bit better and he is filling better but it is a difficult disease and the recovery is very difficult. He’s been in a hospital for 3,5 months. The social service is paying the expenses of treatment and the Cvijetic family is paying the expenses of staying in the hospital.
Village of Skucani near Glamoc
Family Cvijetic is a nice family who welcomed and escorted us in a fine manner. They didn’t show their poverty and problems on their faces. They are very proud of each other and on their father who is working really hard. After taking photos they all continued with their duties around the house and on the farm. They could use any help. It was obvious that they need wardrobe and food. They expressed a wish to get a tractor (since they are making for life out of farming) as well as cows, sheep and seeds, although it is already late to get them the seeds other than potato.

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