August 21, 2016

SfS visited family Cekic from Manjaca

Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska visited in early August the nine-member family Cekic from the village of Donja Kola located 20 kilometers from Banja Luka, on the slopes of Mount Manjaca. The family consists of father Djuro and mother Mirela with their seven children, Milutin (18), Bogoje (14) and Genadije (9) whom Mirela gave birth to with her first husband and who are living with them in the household and twins Milica and Marija (4), Maja (3) and the youngest Vasilije who was born earlier this year and whom Djuro and Mirela gave birth to while living together.

The room where family Cekic spends most of its time

We learned of family Cekic from our friends from the Serbian Assembly “Bastionik” who addressed us asking for help, and who helped this family for Christmas Eve by bringing packages of hygiene and basic supplies. In the family, nobody has a permanent job and the only secure income is 240 BAM they receive on the basis of child allowance and social assistance. The father and eldest sons are working for a wage and manage to provide at least basic conditions for life. The family also raises sheep and pigs, which were also provided with the help of good people and cultivates some land next to the house.

The youngest sisters – Milica, Maja and Marija Cekic

During the visit, we saw that the mother of the family is very conscious of her children, because the children are well-bred and nurtured and are also good pupils in school. From the local parish priest Goran Kovacevic, who was our host and who took us to the family, we learned that the family lives in very Christian-like manner, comes regularly to church, and holds the fasts and communion regularly.

The biggest problem of the family is the unsuitable family house in which they live and which has, due to lack of funds, remained unfinished. With the help of friends, the house was completed by the first floor, but is has no roof, plastering, isolation, nor floors, and it has barely built-in carpentry, which poses a major problem for the family in the winter and rainy season because the inmates are cold; the water passes through and creates vast moisture.


The original plan of our organization was to cover the house, place carpentry and plaster the walls in order for the family to address this “burning” problem, but we have to give praise to several owners of construction companies, who wished to remain anonymous, and who joined their work since our first contact in mid-June until our visit and built another floor of the house and covered the house and thus made our work easier to a great extent and enabled us to start doing interior works in the house.

The room for the future bathroom

Current layout of the house of family Cekic

Plan of the organization is to carry out plastering of walls, installation of carpentry and floors in the house and make the bathroom for the family. Estimated value of the assets, which are necessary for the execution of these works is 13,000 BAM, so here we once again urge all the donors of our organization to get involved in fundraising according to their possibilities.

Serbs for Serbs with family Cekic

At the end, we would like to give praise to the unanimity of all neighbors, friends and parishioners of the parish Donja Kola, led by the priest Goran, for the generous assistance provided and readiness to continue to provide assistance to family Cekic which we saw during our visit, and our organization will try to make another family residential secure and facilitate their hard life, which, unfortunately, have all the families of four or more children, who receive help from our organization.

Serbs for Serbs - Republic of Srpska

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