March 13, 2011

SfS visited Atanasković family


On Sunday, 27th of February, we visited the Atanasković family from Vinča near Belgrade. Dragica lives in a wooden shack with her four children: Ljeposava (11), Bogdan (12), Slobodan (13) and Goran (10). Two of these children are very sick – Slobodan has asthma and he had two concussions, and Ljeposava has epilepsy. Two older daughters are married, as well as one of Dragica's sons. The remaining children, three of them, live in a rented apartment in Kanarevo brdo, provided to them by the state.

We started our action at the market place in Boleč, where we bought some food and toiletries.


This help was more than welcomed, because in 2011 she hasn't received the means for support from the Center for social work, in the amount of 10.200 dinars. The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is providing her with the amount of 2.000 dinars per month, but the last time she got the money was in January for December. She appealed to the authorities in the City of Belgrade, but the municipality and the city are trying to relieve the responsibility.
Dragica is fighting as much as she can. Although she has a heart disease, and diabetes, she is cleaning other people's houses. She is trying to find any job in order to feed her children. Occasionally, she works as a support worker in the kitchen of a restaurant nearby, when a celebration or a party is taking place.

The electric installations are in an extremely bad condition, and they can't be repaired. The cables are sparkling. The family lives in a room, divided by walls into two parts, with the total surface of 20m2 without a bathroom. They use the toilet in the backyard, and they are bathing in a plastic trough in the room. One of the biggest problems is caused by rats, which are all over the place at night. The floor of the shack is ruined and crackling.

They are all sleeping in the same bed, which is falling apart. Dragica asked us to help her get a new bed, or at least a used one.

The stove they used to warm the room was in a poor condition. The oven was ruined, and the door of the stove couldn't be closed. The washing machine was broken.

We managed to get them a new stove and a washing machine for our third visit on the 6th of

March. We brought shoes for the children. A local priest Dragan and many people from churches and monasteries from Belgrade are helping. Dragan provided them the wood for the winter, because they couldn't rely on the state.

“Fund of humanity – Večernje Novosti” has helped Dragica. Many other journalists came, but few of them answered their needs. Unfortunately, the neighbors have been suing Dragica to the Center for social work that she had been working in order to feed her family.

Dragica said she didn't expect anything from us, but that she would appreciate if she could have another room and a bathroom. When we asked her if she would live in the countryside, she said she would be more than happy to have such an opportunity, because she wouldn't have to be worried for the food. She is willing to live anywhere where she would be able to grow a garden and produce food.

We will continue helping this family, and we call all the people of good will to help us.


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