November 19, 2012

SFS visited families in the Raska region

On Saturday and Sunday, the 3rd and 4th of November 2012, representatives of Serbs for Serbs visited the families Balovic and Komatina in the Raska region. The reason for the the visit was to personally observe the construction progress on the home of the Balovic family in the Village of Rajetice near Novi Pazar. We were able to confirm what was still needed to be completed and what was needed in regards to furniture which would allow this wonderful family to enter this winter in their new home. We also used this opportunity to gift the Balovic family some basic hygienic necessities as well as a computer donated by RATEL. During this visit to the Raska region, we also visited the Komatina family from the Radaljica village in the Golija mountain region,  a family our organization has helped in the past.

The six member Balovic family’s home is under construction, as the first project of this type for the Serbs for Serbs organization with the support of our donors and friends of the organization. We are extremely excited that this largely significant project is nearing completion and the Balovic family will get to spend the winter in their new home. We were able to confirm the progress with our visit on the 3rd of Nevember when we happened upon the contractors who were working on the interior finishes of the home. The house is comprised of two bedrooms, a main hallway, bathroom, kitchen and living room with a dining area. The children have already chosen their own rooms and for the time, Veljko will have his own room. Tihomir and Milica have decided they will sleep in the living room.

In regards to the interiors, the laminate floors have been installed in the bedrooms and living room while the main hallway, along with the bathroom and kitchen areas received ceramic tiles. The remaining scope of work includes the construction of the chimney, installation of gutters, excavation of the septic field and the installation of the main water feed from the water spring. In a discussion with the contractors and Tihomir, it was decided that the painting of the exterior façade and interior walls would wait until spring to allow the walls to be completely dry. We inspected the existing, old home to see what could be used of the existing furniture in the new home. Unfortunately, the condition of the existing furniture and appliances are not good, so we made a list of everything that needs to be replaced.

Upon the purchase of new furniture, the Balovic family will be able to move from their old home into a new and modernly equipped home. We wished them this to be the last year they celebrate their slava, Sv. Petka, with their friends and family in their old home.

With our visit to the Balovic family, we took the opportunity to not only bring some basic necessities, we also gifted the children a computer, a gift from our friends at RATEL. The joy of the children while we were bringing in the computer cannot be explained with words. Little Sara, with a huge smile, was barely able to speak the word “computer”. We wished the children lot’s of use of the computer for future school projects and studies. Once more, we would like to thank the good people at RATEL for enabling us to deliver this gift to the Balovic family.

Upon visiting the Balovic family, we set out towards the Old Ras region to meet with Bojan, one of the contractors working on the Balovic home, in order to settle some invoices. Considering how tired we were, we quickly found ourselves heading to the holy monastery Djurdjevi Stupovi (Pillars of St. George) where we spent the night as guests of father Gerasim and the monks of the monastery. Father Gerasim, again, as a great friend of our organization, whole heartedly welcomed us. After attending morning mass, we accompanied father Gerasim in a visit to the newly formed volleyball club Stari Ras (Old Ras) and watched a training session of the youngest members. Professional volleyball player Darko Lojanicic, a member of Serbs for Serbs, took the opportunity to show the young members of Stari Ras some moves and plays, which was followed by wonderment and enthusiastic applause from all in attendance.

After our visit to the volleyball club Stari Ras, father Gerasim and the monks of Djurdjevi Stupovi once again showed their kind heartedness and invited us to lunch at the monastery dining hall.

After lunch, we visited the church of St. Peter in Stari Ras and then headed towards Golija. By way of the village Dezeva, the birthplace of St. Sava, we arrived in Radalice, the village where the Komatina family resides with their six children. Serbs for Serbs, along with our donors and friends, have helped the Komatin family before. We have built a new bathroom, rebuilt their barn and purchased pigs for them.

The Komatina family, with smiles on their faces, welcomed us into their home where we took the opportunity to give the children some sweets. The work on the barn is close to completion and soon the pigs can be transferred into it. We wished the Komatina family to wisely use this gift of good people and work hard to increase their pig count to create a more worry free childhood for their children.

Full of good impressions and thanks for our donors and friends Serbs for Serbs, we began our return to Belgrade, over beautiful Golija. This was a wonderful weekend.

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