July 12, 2016

SfS visited families in Obrenovac

At the beginning of July, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited two multiple children families in the area of Obrenovac. The Radosavljevic-Milic family consists of the parents, Dragan and Sanja, and their children: Sofija (13), Vasilisa (5), Nikolaj (4), Jovan (3), and Lazar (1). The priority for this family is to fix the roof, because it is in very bad condition. The second family is the Boskovicfamily, consisting of the parents, Nebojsa and Tatjana, and their children: Danilo (17), Stefan (16), Jovan (6), Katarina (5), Stefan (21), and Marija (15). The priority for this family is to provide the bathroom.

Mother Sanja with her children: Nikolaj, Lazar, Sofija, Vasilisa and Jovan

Members of the Radosavljevic-Milic family live in the village Grabovac. The mother, Sanja, fled Biskupija near Knin together with her family during the war in 1995. Before marrying Dragan Radosavljevic, Sanja had a daughter Sofija.

Mother Sanja with her children in front of their house in Grabovac

Worn out roof which needs urgent fixing

Both parents are unemployed; the father works as a painter when he manages to get some work. They receive welfare of 19,000 Dinars and child benefit of 10,700 Dinars. Although they did exterior insulation of the house in 2013, their biggest problem is the mold on all the walls and ceilings, and the reason for the mold is the roof construction, which is in very bad condition and needs urgent replacement.

Sofija and Vasilisa in a room covered with mold

The family owns two greenhouses, and that way they are trying to earn some extra income.

Radosavljevic family’s greenhouse

The second family we visited is the Boskovic family from the village Zvecka. The family is a soup kitchen user. Both parents are unemployed and receive welfare of 11,800 Dinars.

Boskovic family in front of their house

Nebojsa and Tatjana have two children each from their previous marriages, and together they have Jovan and Katarina

Youngest Boskovics, Jovan and Katarina

The biggest problem for them is not having a bathroom in the house. The father, Nebojsa, had started the upgrade, but due to financial problems, the upgrade did not go far.

Space intended to become a bathroom

Since they own two acres of land, they plan to keep laying hens or several goats, and that way try to provide some income for the family.

We call upon all people of good will to get involved and through their contributions help the projects of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, which aim at helping underprivileged Serbian multiple children families throughout the Balkans

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