March 23, 2012

SfS visited families Cvijić and Trifunović

Report: Stefan Jecmenica, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /GALLERY/
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs visited two families from Barajevo and Valjevo – family Cvijić with four children and family Trifunović with five children. Our friends who called us to visit the families, donated packages with wardrobe, hygiene and toys, and we used the opportunity to assess the problems of these families, and make an agreement for possible help.
The action was organized by our friends Milana and Mia, who were provoked by the attempt of taking away the children of the family Trifunović by the Center for Social Work. Milana and Mia decided to visit the family, bring them a humble help and see for themselves the conditions in which the family lives, and the problems it's facing. Two of our representatives joined the action, although we didn't know Milana and Mia before, nor were the two of them acquainted.
The small team first visited family Cvijić. The family consists of the single mother and her four children Anastasija (12), Anđela (10), Jelisaveta (3) and Vojin (1). They live in very bad conditions in the rented apartment in what is practically a basement of a building. In 2008 Anastasija's and Anđela's father died, and their mother lost her job. Last year, Jelisaveta's and Vojin's father also died, and the family got into a bad situation. They need to provide 100 EUR for the rented apartment each month, and their income consists of the child benefit in the amount of 9.800 dinars, social help in the amount of 6.000 dinars and the pension in the amount of 6.000 dinars. The moisture in the apartment forces them to find another place to live. They should rent another apartment or buy a house in a village. After we left humble help for them, we continued to Valjevo.

Family Trifunović consists of father Milan, mother and their children Nikolina (12), Krstivoje (9), Bojana (6), Ivana (4) and Milica (3). The family has went through a drama recently, due to the threat of taking away their children. The representatives of the Center for Social Work claim that the children grow in unsuitable conditions, and they wanted to take the children away. After that the neighbors were assembled, and the media showed as well. The Center issued a decision not to take the children away, if certain conditions are met. The conditions were given to the parents in writing, and they include hygiene, regular food, relation towards the children... Our impression was that the conditions in which they live are quite decent, especially if compared with the conditions of many other families we visited. The children are cheerful, and noone could claim that the parents neglect them. The family lives in a house that requires a roof and an outer isolation. The municipality promised to get the material for several rooms on the floor and a roof, and perhaps the isolation as well. Part of the material was brought during our visit. In the conversation with the parents, we were informed about the additional help they need. They asked us to get them the beds for the rooms once they are built, a refrigerator which they now don't have, a new washing machine, hanging kitchen elements and clothing and footwear for the children. Our organization will try to provide them some of the things we mentioned. The family has 8.000 dinars of child benefit and 16.000 dinars of father's salary. He works in the school, but he manages to find additional job as well. After we left our humble help, we returned to Belgrade.
During the return we shared ideas with our new acquaintances, and agree the future cooperation. We hope that more reliable and responsible young people will organize themselves instead of waiting for someone else to resolve all the problems our people are facing.

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