July 11, 2011

SfS visited and helped 4 families


On Tuesday, June 21, a five-member expedition of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs visited four families in northern Serbia: Milutinović, Danjek, Majkić and Došen-Konc. The help we provided this time was wardrobe, bedclothes, footwear, toys and sweets for the children, some basic groceries in the amount of 20.000 dinars (flour, oil, sugar...). We also aimed at getting to know the families, and making the plan for the possible help.


The first family we visited was Došen-Konc from Novi Sad, consisting of mother Ivana and her five children: Kristijan (16), Iva (14), Aleksandar (11), Viktor (7) and Vesna (1). After meeting the family, we found out that all the children are good pupils, and that they are talented for music, they are attending the music school, but the finances are on their way. Of their modest 20.000 dinars of income, they are spending 10.000 for the rental of the apartment. The problems keep coming on – the beds, washing machine, refrigerator, but also the debts to the bank, books for the children, transportation tickets... We were able to see that the problems are increasing. We felt great disappointment because we couldn't provide sufficient help, but we had to move on, and continue with our journey. We are certain that we will come back and try to make their life easier.

The next family we visited is the Majkić family from Bački Jarak – father Milivoje, mother Biljana and the children Mirjana (18), Milica (15), Marina (14), Miljana (13) and Ilija (10). We were pleasantly surprised by their modesty. They have the income of 8.000 dinars, the debt for the utility bills is 40.000 dinars, but despite that, they didn't want our help, and kept repeating that there are people who need help more than they do.

After that, we visited the village Ravno Selo and the Danjek family, our old acquaintances. We had no choice but to get them the necesarry groceries in the amount of 20.000 dinars. They have no income, the father Saša is unemployed, but he manages to find a job now and then. They should finish building the barn, after what we could bring them several animals.

Our final stop was family Milutinović, whom we also helped several times before. We brought 2 goals for small football, wardrobe, bedclothes, footwear, toys and sweets for the children. Our team was beaten once more in a traditional match between us and the Milutinovićs. We helped the family several times by providing them animals (sows, goats, hens), and they managed to double it. However, there is moisture in the room where they live, the beds are old and ruined, there are no enough closets, so we need to get them some of those things the next time we come.

We were filled with emotions on our way to Belgrade, knowing that our presence made the day more beautiful for those families.


Mladen Matijašević


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