February 06, 2013

SfS visited a family in Herzegovina

Report: SFS Republic of Srpska
A new member joined the branch of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska, and he will cover the actions of the organization in Herzegovina. We are all very happy and proud, because the new member is a child from a family whom we helped by donating the tractor and additional mechanization. Bojan Ekmecic has, together with his father Miladin, on Epiphany on January 19, visited the Serbian returnee five-member family Pudar from Bun near Mostar, who is trying to survive, like many other families. 
Jovan Pudar is known as a good and honest man. His mother welcomed us in front of the house, and we also met Jovan's brother and Jovan's wife Aleksandra. Jovan soon joined us. I explained how I decided to join SfS as a volunteer, as a sign of gratitude for the help my family received, and because I promised to help someone in need.
Jovan told us how he managed to take credit and build a small farm, with goats, which is still not giving the income. They need food for the goats. With the help of the church, they received a cow, but it got ill, so they needed to pay the veterinarian.
Aleksandra's family fled to Denmark, where her mother used to work, while her brother is still there. Jovan and Aleksandra decided to follow them, but Jovan couldn't receive Danish citizenship, so they returned to their house which has been reconstructed in 2002. The children – Alesandro, Leonardo and Anđelo, were born in Denmark. Since they are not registered at the Centre for social benefit, they don't have the right to health insurance.
The five of them live in 70 m2. The family needs help in construction material, to build additional rooms. They also need a wardrobe for the youngest child (20 months old). They receive books for the children from a local girl, but Aleksandra's mother told us as we were leaving that she is helping them according to her possibilities, but that any help would mean a lot to them.
Until the next visit and the desire to help our nation.
Bojan Ekmecic

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