September 29, 2016

SFS visit the Radovanovic family from Podgorica

On Sunday, the 25th of September, representatives of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization in Montenegro, visited the seven-members family Radovanovic, in Konik, the refugee neighborhood, in Podgorica. The parents are Vojin and Slavica with their five children, Milena (19), Marijana (17), Mike (16), Magdalena (16), Miljan (10). The Radovanovic family are refugees from Peja and  since 1999, have been living in the refugee camp Konik – Podgorica.

Mother Slavica with her youngest son Miljan

  The mother Slavica occasionally works as a cleaner when she finds a job. The oldest daughter, Milena and son Misko also occasionally work. What family needs the most is to be provided with books and school supplies for the son Miljan, wardrobe and wood for the winter.

Mother Slavica with her children

The mother Slavica has diffenet ways to cope and provide the necessary money for her family. One of the ways is by making  and selling cotton candy. The plan is to provide them with the battery and gas apparatus for producing cotton candy.

Miljan and his mother with the apparatus for making cotton candy

We welcome all the people who are willing to help to make a donation and join the projects of the Serbs for Serbs Charity Organization with the aim to make lives better for the socially endangered multiple-members family throughout the Balkan territory.

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