June 07, 2016

SfS raised 1,5 million EUR in donations

At the beginning of June, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs had raised 1,5 million EUR in donations which was used so far to provide valuable help for 1,600 socially disadvantaged families who have over 11,000 children throughout the Balkan. Since 2005, with the recognizable slogan “Children are our future” the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs has gathered over 10,000 members and donors from Serbia, region and the world who are untiring in visiting and delivering the valuable charity and economic help for the socially disadvantaged families throughout the Balkan, month after month. On Vidovdan 2015, the organization has been awarded with the Order of St. Sava by the Serbian Orthodox Church for its charity work.

Precisely thanks to the numerous donors from around the world, a great number of families today live in their warm homes, the children are sleeping in new beds, they prepare food from their farms and greenhouses on the new stoves, they have bathrooms, household appliances, electricity, water, and the roofs do not leak anymore. There are many children who obtained their own rooms, worktables, closets, toys or computers for the first time. There are many parents who today have the opportunity to provide their children with the glass of fresh cow, sheep of goat milk, and use the tractors with appliances in farming their land and thus earning for their families.

Apart from the direct material help to the families, on many occasions we have helped public kitchens, ambulances, maternity wards and hospitals, kindergartens, elementary and high schools and other institutions who are daily taking care of health and education of the children.

Apart from Serbia, the organization is raising donations through its officially registered branches in the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Canada. On its official website www.srbizasrbe.org the organization is updating the lists of donors daily, publicly presenting the records on its bank accounts of all the branches and placing detailed reports on the families who received help.

Also, the organization Serbs for Serbs started a charity SMS number in Serbia, 7763, through which it raised so far over 3 million RSD of valuable help to the socially disadvantaged families. Together with similar organizations, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the media and numerous donors and friends around the world, the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs will continue its valuable charity work for the benefit of the socially disadvantaged families and their children throughout the Balkan.

Children are our future!

In Belgrade, June 07, 2016

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