November 16, 2014

SfS provided house for family Novakovic
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Novi Sad visited at the end of August a six-member family Novakovic from the village Doroslovo near Sombor. The organization has paid in several monthly installments a total of 350.000 dinars for buying a house which the family used to rent. Mile (33), Nikoleta (34), Predrag (17), Alisa (11), Aleksandra (11) and Matija (9) welcomed us in their new home. The oldest Predrag is in the third grade of Transportation high school, Aleksandra and Alisa are in the sixth and Matija in the third grade of the elementary school.

With the help of the donors worldwide we provided money for four new beds, mattresses and a big closet in the total amount of 61.000 dinars.

After visiting family Novakovic, representatives of the organization continued to Sombor where we delivered charity help for the eleven-member family Vujakovic.

In a small rented apartment on the last floor we found father Savo (58), who has a temporary job (three months); Jelica (46), who is unemployed and has heart condition; Srdjana (17), pupil in the Agricultural high school and perhaps a future student of the Faculty of Agriculture; Bozana (13), a pupil of eight grade, who is together with her brother Sava (11) who is in sixth grade singing in a church choir and participating in numerous school competitions; Slavica (16), Miljana (15); Milica (20); Dragan (22); Svetlana (19) and Sinisa (21). This humble family lives on social benefit and of what Savo earns.

Thanks to our donors we managed to provide the school equipment, hygiene and wardrobe. The City of Sombor ceded the apartment to the family, but they won't be able to stay there for longer period. They sent a request for a permanent housing solution to the City of Sombor.

We thank all the donors whose help enabled us to realize another project in the organization Serbs for Serbs. Thank you for providing a better future for this family!

We urge you to continue being humane and help those who need it. New actions continue.


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