June 24, 2016

SfS provided house for family from Pale

The life story of the Mandic family from Pale in the Republic of Srpska is a sad one, but we have managed to improve the living conditions for the four children. Aleksandar (18), Aleksandra (17), Jelena (16), and Andjela (6) will be living in a new home from now on. Let us review the sad story of the mother, Snjezana. She had previously been married to Mandic, the father of Aleksandar, Aleksandra, and Jelena, and he had molested and humiliated her, so she worked up the courage and ran away from him, taking the children with her. She moved into her father’s house in Pale. He took them in and adapted the attic for her and her children. Up to the purchase of the new house, the attic was their only refuge.

Snjezana and Radenko with their daughter, Andjela

Not giving up, Snjezana did her best to support her children, and after a while, she started living with Radenko Cosovic, and they have a daughter Andjela. They are very hard working, and for years they have been living on daily wages that Snjezana and Radenko earn. The children have also been working for daily wages by picking seasonal fruit, splitting wood or doing other seasonal work. That is how they have overcome numerous troubles.

The family is in possession of 1,300 m2 of land

The family’s perseverance did not go unnoticed, so our members in the Republic of Srpska organized the “Trojka iz Bloka” which was held on September 27, 2015. 1,047 BAM and 30 Euros were raised at the tournament. After the story had been published on our site, our donors joined in, and thanks to their donations, a house to the value of 19,263 BAM was bought near Pale, in a place called Podvitez.

Andjela will soon get her own room

Also, the family is in possession of 1,300 m2 of land. It is praiseworthy that they have already plowed part of the field and planted vegetables for their own needs, but also for sale. Thanks to the selfless help, this sad story has a happy ending after all, and we are certain that they will work hard and achieve even better results.

Words cannot describe the gratitude and the smiles on the children’s faces. We hope that this will be a start of a better life for the family and that the children will have a more peaceful and happier life, because they are OUR FUTURE.

The youngest and the happiest family members in front of their new house

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