July 11, 2011

SfS presented Serbia in Vienna

On Saturday, 18th June, Austrian Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, in cooperation with the Serbian Cultural-Artistic Society Karađorđe, presented Serbia in the frame of inter-cultural family manifestation WienWirbel, by preparing the Serbian breakfast, as well as the photo-presentation and folklore show, performed by the children ensemble of KUD Karađorđe. We collected the humble charity help in the amount of 73 EUR. Eight other organizations, apart from ours, presented their cuisine specialties and folklore tradition.


We would like to thank two young girls, the volunteers on the Serbian stand. The stand was decorated with the Serbian flag, and the photos of Serbian cities, monasteries (Visoki Dečani, Gračanica and Studenica) and natural beauties of Serbia. The guests of various nationalities had the opportunity to try homemade bread, pone, cheese pitta, Serbian ajvar, salami, cheese, sirloin and sour cream. Bying a breakfast represented the opportunity to try home-made rakija from Čačak, which caused interesting reactions from our Austrian fellows.

Some time before 11 o'clock, the children's ensemble of Karađorđe held a folklore show „Dance from Šumadija“, with accordionist, which left the audience excited. We use this opportunity to thank them for their great support and the contribution to the manifestation "WienWirbel".

We hope that we have sent a message to all the Serbian communities worldwide to follow this example, and represent their country and their nation, and show charity. We would like to greet all the donors and friends of our organization in Austria and worldwide.


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