January 09, 2013

SfS on the charity tournament

On Sunday, December 23, the first charity indoor soccertournament was held in Borovo Selo near Vukovar, in the organization of the Citizen Initiative from Vukovar under the name Borovo heart. The tournament gathered 27 teams who participated in collecting the money for buying New Year gift packages for the endangered Serbian children on Kosovo and Metohija, and in eastern and western Slavonija. SfS friends organized the tournament, so we decided to support the noble action by participating, and giving the tournament an international character.
The result was less important, but we must mention that our team was defeated in the first round, and thus finished the participation. Serbian people from Borovo and surroundings attended the tournament, thus recognizing the appeal for helping the endangered children. Our organization donated a package of sweets as a humble contribution to the action.
We use this opportunity to thank the hosts for their invitation and the honor they gave us, to participate and continue our charity work in different manner.
We also wish to thank the individuals from Vukovar, who donated three packages of diapers for one of our future actions.

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