November 06, 2013

SFS on Kosovo and Metohija

Report: SFS Belgrade   /PHOTO GALLERY/
Representatives of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs conducted on October 12-13 new big charity action on Kosovo and Metohija. This action represented the preparation for the forthcoming traditional Christmas action, the biggest so far on the Balkan. We visited 8 families on northern Kosmet and Kosovsko Pomoravlje. We will raise funds for the necessary things, particulary for the tractor attachments, which will give the families additional impetus for autonomous work, and thus for the staying on Kosovo and Metohija. During the visit, we also attended monasteries Banjska, Visoki Decani and Draganac, and slavas in Velika Hoca and Osojane, which enabled us to get to know customs on Metohija.

Serbs for Serbs with father Danilo in Banjska monastery 

After the liturgy and short staying in Banjska monastery, we went to Zubin Potok. There we met family Janicijevic, consisting of the father Boban, mother Aleksandra, and their four children: Dimitrije (12), Danilo (11), David (9) and Damnjan (3). The parents are employed, but they are having difficulties supporting the family who lives in one room of the unfinished house. This hardworking family bought a stove last year, in which they bake bread, and thus trying to earn extra money. They need another room for the boys, for which it takes two windows, door, laminate and beds to complete. Apart from that, they want to build a barn for the pigs or sheep.

SFS with family Janicijevic in front of their home

The next family we visited was family Cukic, to whom we are building a bathroom. The material had already arrived, and everything was prepared. During our next visit, this family should have their first bathroom.

Petar, Viktorija and Gordana Cukic


In the afternoon hours, we arrived at Velika Hoca, where we visited father Marko in Decanska Vinica and our friends from this Serbian enclave. The day was finished in Osojane, where we attended slava, and stayed over night.

Serbs for Serbs with father Marko


On Sunday morning we attended liturgy in monastery Visoki Decani, after which we continued visiting the families. In the public kitchen in Prekovac we met our friends from the Eparchy charity organization Majka devet Jugovica, and later we visited family Savic. Dobri and Ruza Savic have two sons: Srecko and Dalibor. Srecko is married, and he has two children – Bojana (4) and Lazar, who is eight months old. They all live in a single house without bathroom. They managed to build another house, but it only has finished walls, and there are no conditions to live in it. The family lives in difficult conditions, without elementary things, and we agreed to get wood-burning stove, a refrigerator and two beds.

SFS at home of family Savic

We also visited family Filic. Sinisa and Sonja have two children, Luka (5) and Nevena, who is five months old. This family is a returnee one, and they are having difficulties in providing the conditions for normal life. They don’t have bathroom, like the previous family, and they also need wood-burning stove and beds for children.

Little Nevena Filic

In Izbor we visited family Stojkovic. Jagos and Danijela have a son Andrija who is five months old, and who will soon get a brother or a sister, since Danijela is pregnant. The family lives in an unfinished house, and they all live in a single room without bathroom. Jagos and his nephew have cows, and if they could increase their number, the life would become easier.

Andrija Stojkovic near his cradle


After visiting these three families, we went back to Prekovac, where we had lunch at the public kitchen, and made a conversation with Svetlana Stevic, president of the Majka devet Jugovica. She gave us a great idea to visit few of the families from the area, who have tractors, and to whom we could provide the necessary attachments in the scope of the Christmas action. We agreed with the idea, and visited the families.


Family Peric consists of Dragan and Trnjanka and their four children: Dejan (15), Danijela (11), Kristina (7) and Irena (1). They are already cultivating their land, and the rented land, and they could use trailer for fertilizer. A used one costs approximately EUR 2,000.

Serbs for Serbs with family Peric

Near this family we visited a single mother Slavica Jancic, who has two children – Andjela (17) and Mladen (15). They recently sold two cows, and managed to buy a tractor to cultivate the land, but they need plow, disc harrow and mower.

Slavica and Mladen Jancic near their tractor

The last family we visited in the area was the family of Blagoje and Slavica Simijonovic. They have three sons, and they are all married. The oldest Mirko has three children: David (4), Kristijan (2) and Aleksandar (1). This family has cattle, four cows and two calves, and they are also growing flowers. They need plow, disc harrow and mower.

Familiy Simijonovic with memvers of C.O. Serbs for Serbs

At the end of the day we visited monastery Draganac, where we met father Ilarion, who has just sent us a message to ask whether we could help family Djordjevic, who was in a monastery that afternoon to ask for help. Zvonko and Vesna have three children: Danijela (20), Zvezdana (19) and Dusan (17). Father Ilarion already told us that the family doesn’t have a bathroom, so we promised to try to raise money for that project. It was too late to visit another two families in Kosovska Vitina, to whom we will also help within the Christmas action, by providing tractor attachments.

SFS with family Djordjevic

We call upon all the donors to help us provide the things these families need in the Christmas action.


With faith in God, for the Serbian Kosovo and Metohija!  

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