January 27, 2012

SfS on Golija and Rogozna

Report: Milos Golic, Serbia /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/ /PHOTO GALLERY/
On Sunday, January 22nd, the activists of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, together with the friends from the Raška area, sucesfully conducted sixth in a row action in the Raška area. This time we helped four families from the mountains Golija and Rogozna and from Novi Pazar, in the amount of 126,160 dinars. Due to the bad weather conditions, we postponed the planned visit to two more families for the next big action.
We provided the following items:
cow-in-calf – 75,000 dinars
groceries – 15,250 dinars
10 packages of footwear for the children – 18,000 dinars
10 gift packages – 7,000 dinars
wardrobe and books for the children
costs of the action – 10,910 dinars
total amount: 126,160 dinars
We must emphasize that a donor sent 41,000 dinars for buying a cow to the Komatina family, and also that the students of the Faculty of economics collected 10,000 dinars for the family Balović.
We commenced the action early in the morning, by climbing on the snowy Golija, and by transfering the cow to the family Komatina. The members of the family are Radmila and Vukosav, and their six children: Nemanja (16), Miladin (14), Aleksandar (13), Anđela (8), Danijela (6) and Marko (3).
The family couldn't hide the thrill. They were very happy we brought them a cow, and mother Radmila couldn't hide the tears. While we were playing with the children, who were happy to try the new footwear and open the gift packages, the hosts gave their best to welcome us properly. We made sure that the bathroom, which was equiped in the previous action, is completely functional, so Radmila doesn't have to bath the children on the stream.
Due to bad weather conditions, we went from Golija to Novi Pazar, and visited two families we have helped before: family Božović, consisting of the father Radojica, and the children: Ivana (17), Stefan (15), Jelena (12) and Anđela (6), and family Vuksanović, consisting of the parents Srdan and Snežana, and their five daughters: Milica (18), Milena (16), Miljana (14), Vanja (12) and Vinka (9). We brought gift packages and books for these children. All the children were very happy, they were telling us about their adventures from school, and assured us they were good pupils.
The last family we visited was the Balović family, living on the mountain Rogozna in the village Rajetiće. The family has six members: father Tihomir, mother Milica and children: Kristina (6), Sara (8), Veljko (12) and Verica (13). We brought groceries, footwear for the children, gift packages and wardrobe from Belgrade and Novi Pazar. Nevertheless, the children need more wardrobe, backpacks for school and school equipment.
The house of the Balović family is in a bad condition, it is old and looks as if it could turn down soon. The mother is often having epileptic attacks, including one while we were present, so she is not able to take care of the children. The father has a brain tumor, but he is a fighter, and he is constantly trying to provide a more decent life to his children. The doctors told him he doesn't have to take a surgery yet, but his health is rather bad. Tihomir recently bought 1,000 bricks for building a new house, but he didn't have enough money to continue. The family grows some cattle, and we will try to make a project to provide them humane conditions for life.
Poor children from the Raška area aren't that much different from their peers we visited in other parts of the Balkans. We could see purity, modesty, sincere gratitude and immense happines on the faces of these children, provoked by the feeling that they and their parents are not alone, and that they can have a hope of happier childhood.
In the name of the families we visited, we use another opportunity to thank the students of the Faculty for economics, the activists from the Raška area, all the donors and friends of the organization. We also thank, on our behalf, for the help in doing the most beautiful thing on the world.
With the faith in God,
Miloš Golić

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