March 08, 2012

SfS on concert in Litau, Switzerland

Saturday, 3rd March, was very fruitful for the members of the SfS from Switzerland. While part of the members represented the organization in Uster on the party of Mr Miško Korać, another part went to Litau near Lucern, where the concert „I carry my homeland in my heart“ in the organization of KUD Nikola Tesla from Lucern, and our great friend Goran Krajišnik took place. 
People from Krajina living all over Switzerland came to Litau, and KUD Nikola Tesla from Lucern, KUD Petar Kočić from Deredingen and the guests from the KUD from Drvar were responsible for the great atmosphere.
After the artistic part of the programme, the atmosphere was brought to heat during the performance of singers Ćana, Žare and Goci. The popular actor Miroljub Trošić, known as Đoda, also heated the atmosphere.
Our organization presented our work and used the opportunity to sell the T-shirts „Još rađaju majke Obiliće“ and „Nema predaje“. We raised the total amount of 900 CHF and 20 EUR, and we will use the money to help our brothers from Kosmet!
We also raised the donations:
Gordan Krajišnik – 50 CHF;
Milica and Nikola Ćesarović – 50 CHF;
Anonymous donor – 20 CHF.
We want to thank all the people who contributed in the struggle against the white plague, and we want to express special thank to the organizers, Mr Gordan Krajišnik and Mr Marinko Vukajlović for this beautiful concert and the support they showed for our organization.
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs – Switzerland
Dušan Đaković

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