December 16, 2011

SfS is helping families from Belgrade

During the previous weekend, a three-member team of SfS from Belgrade visited and helped three families in our capital city. We bought some elementary groceries for the Kostić family with seven children on Bežanija, and we only visited and agreed future help for the families Vranić from Mali Mokri Lug with ten children and family Stamenković from Petlovo brdo with seven children.
After attending the holy liturgy in the church of Saint Simeon Mirotočivi on New Belgrade, a three-member team of SfS from Belgrade visited the first family. The Kostić family lives on Bežanija in a rented house. It consists of the unemployed parents Dragan and Milica and children Nemanja (21), Kosta (17), Milana (16), Vuk (11), Vukica (9), Angelina (5) and Vukašin who is eight months old. The oldest son is a winner of many medals from boxing, and he is also performing for the representation of Serbia. Unfortunately, he is forced to work in a car wash for 500 dinars per day, in order to help his family. We found out that the parents haven't payed the bills for electricity and rental, and they are managing to buy food. The only stabile income is 8,000 dinars of child benefit.
Dragan is unemployed for 5 years. He owns a passenger van with 7 seats, and he would be happy to drive the passengers and get the money for his family.
We decided to get some elementary groceries for them in the amount of 10,000 dinars, and agree for a future help.
Our next stop was Mali Mokri Lug.
Family Vranić welcomed us in their home with a family team. The parents Dragoslav and Olga live with the children Sandra (19), Anđela (16), Jelena (14), Radomir (12), Veljko (11), Mihajlo (9), Jovana (6), Teodora (4), Katarina (2) and Filip (1). Father Dragoslav is working in the public transport as a night driver, and they are also receiving 6,000 dinars of the child benefit. All the children are excellent pupils. We agreed to get them the groceries in the future.
After that, we visited a nine-member family Stamenković, who is living in an apartment of 40m2 on Petlovo brdo.
The members of the Stamenković family are the unemployed parents Vitomir and Nedeljka, and children Anđela (13), Jovan (12), Marija (10), Dušan (9), twins Zorica and Zoran (6) and Ana (3). They are receiving a child benefit in the amount of 10,000 dinars, and father Vitomir is expecting to get a monthly amount of 13,000 dinars from the National Employment Service, since he lost his job recently. The oldest son Jovan is helping at the altar and choir in the church of Nativity of St. John the Baptist, and every Sunday entire family goes to the holy liturgy together by bus, and are fasting on a regular basis.
They managed to buy the apartment, but it is in bad condition: the parquet is ruined, the walls are dirty, there are bugs all over the place, the closets are falling apart, the refrigerator is barely working (and the food is spoiling), they don't even have a freezer, TV is not working, they are sleeping in an old bed, old couch and pillows. The bathroom has been equiped by new water heater, washing machine and a sink.
They need: a new refrigerator with freezer, elementary groceries, painting of the apartment... We will try to solve their everyday problems. A father and the oldest son thanked us for visiting them.
As they are leaving to the vespers, we go back to our lives and “worries”. We hope that this moving story of the Serbian families will touch the hearts all over the world, and thus we ask you to be more generous during the forthcoming holidays, because your little means so much to them!
With faith in God and humanity,
Darko Lojaničić
Mladen Matijašević
Stefan Ječmenica

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