May 28, 2014

SfS in Wetzikon collected help
Members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs from Switzerland gathered friends and members of the organization on Saturday, May 24 in Wetzikon for a new pancake evening. On this occasion, the motive of the gathering were the terrible floods in Serbia and Republic of Srpska in the last two weeks. We collected an amount of 2.100 CHF and 200 EUR, which will be used in great action FIGHT AGAINST THE FLOODS, commenced by our organization.

In addition to money donations, we collected a large amount of commodities (hygiene, food and equipment for children). All the guests wanted to make their contribution for the forthcoming SfS actions.

President of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs in Switzerland Nikola Cesarovic, PhD presented future plans in relation to the collection of donations for the disinfectants, which should take place in the following days. After that, the guests asked him questions about the action and the work of the organization.

Let us mention that during the next week our member Maja Jovanovic will personaly donate all the collected help to the endangered families, along with our members from Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.

Children are our future!!!

Serbs for Serbs – Switzerland  

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