November 14, 2011

SFS in the Braničevo county

Report: Milos Jovanovic /SERBIAN REPORT/ /BILLS/
Charity organization Serbs for Serbs conducted on Tuesday, 8th of November, on the feast of Saint Demetrius, its first charity action in eastern Serbia, in the Braničevo county. We visited a four-member family Milošević from the village Sirakovo in the municipality Veliko Gradište. We provided automatic water supply pump, and the material for bringing the water into the house and equiping the bathroom in the amount of 62,010 dinars.
After finding about the difficult situation of this family from a newspaper article, we decided to visit the family. A single mother Lidija Milošević lost her job after an unsuccessful privatization. She had to asume responsibility for her mentally ill mother and two children. Although the state institutions and other inhabitants of the village are acquainted with their situation, the family lives on the edge of existence, without the hope of anyone's help. It made us even more sad, bearing in mind the luxury of the houses in that and neighboring villages, whose owners are mostly abroad.

During our first visit to the municipality of Veliko Gradište in the beginning of September, Lidija told us that they need a water supply pump and the material for bringing the water into the house and equiping the bathroom. A few weeks later we were in the Braničevo county again, and provided the material help they needed.
The family managed to buy the tiles and material for the Rigips walls in the amount of 150 EUR. We provided the remaining material. The water pump will bring them the water into the house, and the irrigation of the garden, which should make the life and existence of this family easier. Our organization provided 60,000 dinars for that cause, and the store Dicić Promet from Veliko Gradište gave us a discount of 2,010 dinars, and we use this opportunity to thank them again. The largest part of the material was delivered on the same day, and the rest of the material should be delivered in the next few days. We would like to emphasize that the owner of the Dicić Promet provided the transportation to Sirakovo (which is 18km away from Veliko Gradište) free of charge, and visited the family together with the representative of SfS. He used the opportunity to give an advice to the family related to the conducting of construction works which should begin soon. A friend of the family will work for free.
After meeting the Milošević family we are free to say that we are encouraged by the behaviour of the humble single mother, who is not losing her strength and will to fight for the better life of her children, which deserves any kind of support and help. We were also encouraged during our conversation with Marko (15), who is determined to remain in his village after finishing the highschool, establish a family and engage in agriculture.
We hope that the future actions in this area will raise the awareness of our people in relation to the trouble of their compatriots, and the need to give them fraternal love and support.
We also use the opportunity to talk about the empty Serbian houses (which are a warning to all of us) from the old part of the Sirakovo village, in which the Marković family lives alone, and to wish Marko fulfils his intention and become an example to other boys and girls in similar situation...

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