October 21, 2011

SFS in Raška area again

On Friday, 30th of September 2011, a two-member team of Charity organization Serbs for Serbs, Bojan Ilić and Miloš Golić, headed the sanctuary, a monastery of Đurđevi Stupovi in Old Ras, and with the help of our member Boško Timotijević and other people of good will, succesfully finished another big charity action in Raška area. We provided help for three families, and spent 223.960 dinars. The fund for the action was 265.500 dinars (Charity organization SfS 236.500 dinars, Charity organization Stara Raška 20.000 dinars, t-shirts No Surrender and Vojvodstvo 9.000 dinars).
In this action we provided:
1 cow – 90.000 dinars
hay for the cow – 13.000 dinars
1.100 kg of flour – 38.500 dinars
hygiene and food – 20.500 dinars
equipment for the bathroom and a worker – 43.460 dinars
a pair of sneаkers – 2.500 dinars
a volleyball net – 6.500 dinars
2 packages of hygiene and wardrobe
Costs of the action – 9.500 dinars


Total: 223.960 dinars
We were left with 41.540 dinars, but the activists from Novi Pazar will soon buy the animals for the families to grow, and also the part of that money will be used in next Kosovo action.


On Saturday, 1st of October, after the liturgy in monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, the activist of SfS visited family Radomirović from the village Miščiće (Deževa). Mother Zorica lives with five children in a ruined house without a bathroom. Tijana (1988), Đorđe (1991), Nikola (1994), Miloš (1997) and Andrijana (1999) have to bathе outside the house, or in the kitchen. We agreed with the family that they need a long-term assistance, so we decided to donate a cow for them. Our friend Mikota Radević from Sjenica helped us to get a cow Žujka. We also provided 140 bales of hay, and 500 kg of flour for the family. The family also received a package of hygiene and a pair of sneakers.


About 30 km from Novi Pazar, in the mountain Golija, we visited the village Radaljica. Family Komatina (old friends of ours) live in the village. The family consists of mother Radmila, father Vukosav and their six children (four pupils), a grandmother and a grandfather, a cow and three pigs. The children are: Nemanja (1996), Miladin (1998), Aleksandar (1999), Anđela (2004), Danijela (2006) and Marko (2009). Until 2005 they had 4 cows, 4 calves, 2 oxen and 80 sheep. They sold everything in order to live in a better place, so they built a new house next to the old one. Now they own 1 cow, 1 calf, 3 pigs (80-90 kg) and a horse. They need elementary hygiene conditions, so we decided to get them an equipment for the bathroom, and we paid the worker as well. The children don't have certified health care cards. At first we thought they need to pay 250-300 EUR of taxes on property in order to receive social benefit, it turned out they have to pay 78.000 dinars (which the organization currently doesn't have), so we decided to think about their case and get them the animals, and thus help them to expand their animal fund and help themselves. We bought 600 kg of flour for the winter, and a package of hygiene and wardrobe. We would like to thank Mr. Bojan Tomović, a friend of the organization, who provided us special conditions while buying the flour, its transportation, and the transportation of the equipment for the bathroom.


On Sunday, after the liturgy, and by the blessing of the father Gerasim, we donated a new valleyball net to the girls from Stari Ras, so that the youth could play this sport. A valleyball club Stari Ras could be founded soon.


The members from Belgrade couldn't stay longer, but our members from Novi Pazar and Mrs. Goca from the organization Rasanka visited the Balović family. We bought food and hygiene for them in the amount of 20.500 dinars.


The family lives in the mountain Rogozna, near Kosovo and Novi Pazar, in the village Rajetiće. There are six members of the family – children Verica (1998), Veljko (1999), Sara (2003) and Kristina (2005), with father Tihomir who is suffering from brain tumor, and mother Milica, who has epilepsy. The children are witnessing the suffering of their parents, and they don't have a childhood. The house in which they live is practicaly ruined. They own some cattle, a barn, a small garden and 18 hectares of land. No one in the family is capable of work. We provided some help for the family, and we agreed with the activists from the organization Rasanka to arrange further help.


We want to say special thank to father Gerasim, the prior of the monastery Đurđevi Stupovi, and the whole brotherhood, Mrs. Goca and Dušica from the organization Rasanka, the family of Boško Timotijević, Mrs. Milica Radulović for the donation of the hygiene for 2 families and others who were with us with all their hearts. We want to tell them that we won't stop, and that our people will not be alone as long as we are here!


With the faith in God
Bojan Ilić, Miloš Golić, Boško Timotijević

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