June 25, 2011

SfS in charity tournament in Kranj

On Saturday, 4th of June, Serbian Society Zadužbina organized second charity tournament in small soccer, this time in Kranj. A total of 22 teams participated in the tournament, and one of them was consisted of the members of the Austrian Charity organization Serbs for Serbs. Our organization donated 50 EUR for the participation in the tournament under the name „For the Serbian Kosmet“. The amount raised in the tournament will be spent within the 10th anniversary charity action of the Serbian society Zadužbina in Kosovo and Metohija. Several fraternal organizations from the Middle Europe will participate in the action, including ours.

We gathered together on the ground before the tournament begun, and the priest Budimir Galamić of Kranj blessed our deed, and we all prayed for our Orthodox Serbian kin, and the priest blessed us by the holy water in the end.

Although rainstorm tried to stop the game, no team would surrender. We can say the same for the audience, because they came to support the brothers and help the action, so we can be proud that 300 Serbs, mostly young ones, from all parts of Slovenia, sent a clear message to their brothers in Kosovo and Metohija - „Next year in Prizren“.

Ostrog and Priština 1 met in the final, and after a fair and sport fight, Ostrog deserved to celebrate in what has became a traditional tournament „For the Serbian Kosmet“. A party was organized in the evening, and the famous band from Serbia 357 and our friends VKV band from Slovenia took part in the concert, so we use this opportunity to thank them publicly for their selfless support in this common good deed.

We will let the pictures talk instead of us, because they can best describe the atmosphere. We are particulary proud of young Serbs who gathered in order to help their brothers in Kosmet. We raised 1.665 EUR, from the entry fees, the sale of foods and drinks and new T-shirts produced by Zadužbina. The effects of the tournament and the party are very important, because we have strengthened the old friendships, made new ones, and even more people were interested in participating more activly in the work of Zadužbina, and help the foundation within the Society.

We thank all who participated in the tournament – the donors, teams, judges, visitors and others who helped to realize the tournament.

It will be God's will to provide at least some joy to our brothers and sisters in Kosovo in Metohija in Vidovdan, using the funds we collected in this and one of our last actions.

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