September 15, 2011

SFS in Bojnik municipality

Report: SFS Niš and SFS Switzerland /BILLS/ /SERBIAN REPORT/

After having heard of the difficult situation of two families with many members from the municipality of Bojnik, a four-member team of SfS from Niš and Sfs-Switzerland, decided to visit the families Stanković (9 children) and Nikolić (12 children), to get to know their situation and try to find a solution in order to make their life easier. During the visits, we donated elementary groceries and hygiene in the amount of 3000 dinars.

The first family we visited was the Stanković family, who is living in the village Donje Konjuvce, several kilometers from the Bojnik municipality. There are nine children in the family: Marko (25, with Daun decease), Maja (23, married), Marina (21, married), Miroslav (15), Sanja (13), Bojan (11), Kristina (9, has a foot deformity from birth; she has had an operation recently, and now is recovering) and twins Nenad and Nemanja (6).

They live in a small ruined house, dependent on agriculture. During the summer father Zoran is working as a construction worker in Belgrade. Mother Gorica told us that the family manages to provide food by farming and helping the neighbors around agriculture business. The washing machine would make their life easier, since Gorica is washing the laundry by herself. The freezer is broken, so she is afraid that she won't be able to store the food for the winter.

After visiting the family Stanković, we also visited the family Nikolić in the village Đaci near Bojnik. There are twelve children in the family: Milenka (28, married), Miodrag (26), Nenad (25), Srđan (23), Biljana (19), Bojana (18), Mirjana (17), Zorica (16), Granica (14), Jovica (13), Ružica (12) and Goran (11). They also live on agriculture and on welfare in the amount of 11 000 dinars, but the family isn't receiving children's allowance. Father Stojan was dismissed as redundant from the construction company a few years ago, so he is working now for a wage. They manage to survive thanks to agriculture and Stojan's wages. The Nikolić family lives in a very small house. Six children are sleeping in a small room in three beds, and the rest of them sleep in the kitchen, or at their cousin's who lives nearby. Stojan had the idea of expanding the house, but the difficult financial situation prevents him from buying the construction material.

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