December 31, 2011

SfS helped the Stamenkovic family

A three member Serbs for Serbs team form Belgrade visited and helped the Stamenkovic family from Belgrade, specifically Petlovo Brdo. The help provided was in the form of the purchase of basic necessities for living, groceries, hygiene products and similar in the value of 19,672 dinars (aprox. $260 u.s.).

Even though that day the traffic was herendous, and a dense fog came in, we still managed to get through to Petlovo Brdo. In front of the building, waiting for us were the father Vitomir, and the oldest son Jovan, so they can help us bring in all of the aid we were delivering that day. As we climber the stairs to the fourth floor, we could see the youngest Stamenkovic peeking through the door excitedly waiting for us with amazement and a smile.

Along with the groceries and hygiene products, we prepared seven packets filled with sweets for all of the little children. The children, of course, loved the packets the most and started into them immediately with great joy.

The father Vitomir spoke to us about his plan to sell the apartment so that they can purchase a home with a yard in the suburbs. But, unfortunately, because of the current economic conditions, that plan will have to wait for better times.

The happy, younger Stamenkovic shows us his school notebooks we can see that as a good student he is regularly getting A?s and compliments. While we are playing and taking pictures with the little ones, we made plans to further help the family in the form of a new refrigerator with a freezer, because as they said, that is what they need the most.

Even though we would gladly stay longer to take pictures, talk and laugh with the children, time doesn?t allow us. So, we must part ways with the Stamenkovic family until our next visit.

With Faith In God!
Darko Lojanicic


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