April 02, 2012

SfS helped the school library

During March we completed the micro project of equiping the school library in Donja Trepča. This project, initiated several months ago, was realized by the friends of the organization after the request for the donation in books, made by the pupils and a librarian of the local school. In the first phase we gathered the books for the school library. After that, we continued with equiping the library with the computer elements, in order to modernize the library. The last phase consisted of the donations of the books for elderly population, which corresponds with the aim of the school library to become the library of the local character, which would be opened to everyone.
The result of the endeavour of our friends which lasted for several months is as follows: over 500 books, mostly school books, child books, textbooks, dictionaries, grammars, and books on French and English, which the children have the opportunity to learn.
The donation in technical equipment consists of: dvd reader, several discs with educational and entertainment content, and a programe for running the library. One of the packages contained two keybords, two optical mice and a pair of speakers.
We would like to thank the friends of the organization who participated in this action, and especially Mr. Bane for the well conducted project, and send a praise for the self-organization and an example how to help the Serbian children.
With faith in God!

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